worst violence in years spreads in South Africa

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South Africa is facing the Worst Unrest it has seen in decades.

The violence has been triggered by the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma.

72 people have died and more than 1,200 have been arrested.

Since looting and violence broke out on July 9.

10 people were killed in a stampede.

when a shopping center was looted in Soweto.

Hundreds of people raided warehouses.

and supermarkets in Durban.

The protests erupted after Jacob Zuma.

handed himself over to the authorities to serve a 15-month prison term on June 7.

But his refusal to appear at an anti-corruption commission.

to answer questions about his alleged involvement in bribery and fraud schemes.

Led to the protests widening into looting.

and an outpouring of general anger over hardship and inequality in the country.

So far, the violence has been limited to the densely populated provinces.

of Gauteng and KwaZulu – Natal.

Security forces have been deployed to contain the unrest.

But Zuma’s foundation said there would be no peace in South Africa.

until the former president’s release from prison.

Jacob Zuma, who was once a key figure in the country’s liberation movement.

Served as the president of South Africa from 2009 until 2018.

He faced allegations of corruption during his term.

and was ousted by the current president, Cyril Ramaphosa, in 2018.

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