Will spectators come to Tokyo Olympics 2021 Games in Japan?

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Games

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Games: The Japan Tokyo Games are going to start on 23 July 2021. However, the country is now facing a huge problem. Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga recently met with ministers of his Government to discuss the rising cases of Covid – 19 and the upcoming Olympics. Suga then announced that from 5 July onwards, japan will be in a state of emergency. This would mean that there would be strict restrictions in place on people. The state of emergency is because of the rising cases of the Delta Variant. This could last for over a month. In June, the Japanese Government had set a limit of 50 percent or up to a maximum of 10,000 fans for all Olympic Venues. However, because of the emergency, the Games will be held without any spectators.

Also, dining establishments in Tokyo won’t be allowed to serve alcohol. They will be told to Shut the doors by 8 PM. Japan’s top medical experts have repeatedly urged the organizers to cancel the Tokyo Games in order to contain the spread of COVID – 19. You might wonder, if the situation is so bad, then why aren’t they canceling the Olympics. Well, let me tell you. it gets 75 percent of its income from selling broadcast rights.

However, the postponement of the 2020 Olympics by 15 months has stalled the income flow of the international Olympic Committee(IOC). As per reports, the IOC would lose between about $4 billion with the cancelation of the Olympics.

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