Z symbol of war for Russia?

why has the letter Z symbol of war for Russia?

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why has the letter Z symbol of war for Russia? | The ‘Z’ symbol has been spotted on military vehicles, clothes, and protest banners during the Russia-Ukraine war.

What does it mean?

The ‘Z’ symbol was first spotted on Russian tanks moving into Ukraine. The meaning of the symbol is yet to be confirmed. But some experts say that the markings serve to avoid friendly fire.

As the Russian and Ukrainian tanks are of the same model. Others think it is meant to communicate where military units are being deployed. It’s also been interpreted as short for ‘za probedy’, which means ”for victory”. Although the Cyrillic Russian alphabet doesn’t include the letter ‘Z’.

It has become a pre-war symbol Car was spotted in Russia decorated with the ‘Z’.

It appeared on the clothing of nationalist protesters in Russia and on signs displayed by Serbian protesters during a pro-Russian march in Belgrade.

 Pro-Putin politician and convicted Russian spy Maria Butina. Also donned the symbol. Even a Russian gymnast wore a shirt with the ‘Z’ at an international competition. While standing beside a UKRAINIAN athlete on the podium.

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