What’s Happening in Pakistan?

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Pakistan: Tens of thousands of supporters of Pakistan’s former prime minister, Imran Khan took to the streets across several major cities to protest their leader’s ousting from power. Overseas Pakistanis also staged rallies in other countries like the UK, US, Australia, and the UAE.

What are the protests about?

Imran Khan was removed from power through a no-trust vote in parliament. after allied parties in his coalition government jumped ship to join an opposition movement to oust him. Over allegations of bungling foreign policy and economic mismanagement. Khan’s exit came after his attempt to sideskirt the no-confidence vote and dissolve the parliament was termed’Unconstitutional’ by the Supreme Court.

Khan says the US has been working behind the scenes to bring him down due to his close ties with China and Russia. and asked supporters to protest the ”foregn conspiracy” of a ”regime change”.

Imran Khan(former prime minister, Pakistan)

Pakistan became an independent state in 1947, but the freedom struggle begins again today against a foreign conspiracy of regime change. It is always the pople of the country who defend their sovereignty and democracy.


At the heart of the recent political crisis is a letter that Imran Khan says is evidence of foreign interference and the opposition’s collusion with a foreign power to overthrow the government.

The letter, purportedly sent by US official Donald Lu the US Assistant Secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs. allegedly warned Islamabad’s outgoing envoy to Washington, Asad Majeed of implications for Pakistan-US ties if Khan survived the no-confidence vote. Khan says the US was deeply disturbed with his independent foreign policy. especially in light of his recent meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Khan has also been a long- time critic of the US’ so-called ‘War on terror’ and its drone campaign. The US has denied interference and Pakistan’s opposition parties have termed the letter ‘fake’.

What happens next?

How long the protests continue as well as how long the next government will last are also a matter of speculation. Although the country’s next general elections are scheduled in mid-2023. the opposition had preveiously said they wanted an early election. But the election commission has stated it would take at least seven months to prepare for a national vote.

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