What is web hosting? | వెబ్ హోస్టింగ్ అంటే ఏమిటి?


web hosting అంటే ఏమిటి? అస‌లు web hosting ఎందుకు ఉప‌యోగిస్తారు.web hosting వ‌ల్ల ఉప‌యోగం ఏమిటి? తెలుసుకోండి! ఒక వెబ్‌సైట్ డిజైన్‌ చేసుకున్న త‌ర్వాత ప్ర‌జ‌లు దానిని ఇంట‌ర్నెట్‌లో చూడాలంటే హోస్టింగ్ చాలా అవ‌స‌రం. ఈ హోస్టింగ్ ఉంటేనే ఆ వెబ్‌సైట్ గూగుల్ సెర్చ్‌లో అంద‌రికీ క‌నిపిస్తుంది. ఈ హోస్టింగ్ వ‌చ్చి మూడు ర‌కాలుగా ఉంటుంది.
1.Shared Hosting
2.VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting
3.Dedicated Hosting
పైన తెల్పిన హోస్టింగ్‌లే కాకుండా ఇంకా ప‌లు ర‌కాల హోస్టింగ్‌లు అందుబాటులో ఉన్నాయి. ఒక వెబ్‌సైట్ ద్వారా మీడియం ఆన్‌లైన్ బిజినెస్ చేసేవారికి ఈ మూడు హోస్టింగ్‌లు స‌రిపోతాయి.

1.Shared Hosting

ఈ షేర్‌డ్ హోస్టింగ్‌లో మ‌న‌తోపాటు కొన్ని వంద‌ల మంది ఆ స‌ర్వ‌ర్‌ను చేసుకుంటారు. Godaddy, BlueHost, HostGator లాంటి కంపెనీలు ఈ హోస్టింగ్‌ను అద్దెకు ఇవ్వ‌డ‌మో లేక విక్ర‌యించ‌డమో చేస్తాయి. ఉదాహ‌ర‌ ణ‌కు Godaddy, BlueHost, HostGator లాంటి కంపెనీల‌లో మీరు స‌ర్వ‌ర్‌ను తీసుకుంటే దానిని కొన్ని వంద‌ల మందితో షేర్ చేసుకోవాల్సి ఉంటుంది. Shared Hosting హోస్టింగ్‌లో ముఖ్యంగా RAM, Bandwidth, Space అందుబాటులో ఉంటాయి. వాటిని మ‌నం తీసుకుని ఇత‌రుల‌తో షేర్ చేసుకోవాల్సి ఉంటుంది. అంటే మ‌న‌తో పాటు వేరొక‌రికి ఒక వెబ్‌సైట్ ఉండి వాళ్లు ఎక్కువ Resource వాడుకుంటుంటే మ‌న‌కు Resource Sharing Slow అవుతుంది. Shared Hosting లో ఉన్న ప్రాబ్ల‌మ్‌ను ఇత‌రుల‌తో షేర్ చేసుకోవ‌డం జ‌రుగుతుంది. ఈ Shared Hosting చాలా త‌క్కువ ధ‌ర‌కే దొర‌కుతున్నాయి. ఎవ‌రైనా నెల‌కు కానీ, సంవ‌త్స‌రానికి కానీ ఆయా కంపెనీల్లో కొనుగోలు చేసి మీ వెబ్‌సైట్ ను మ‌రింత డౌవ‌ల‌ప్ చేసుకోవ‌చ్చు. చిన్న వ్యాపారాలు చేసేవారికి అనువుగా ఉంటుంది. ఇది మినిమం రూ.99 నుంచి రూ.250 ధ‌ర‌ల‌లో దొర‌కుతుంది. ఇది తీసుకున్న త‌ర్వాత నెల‌కో, మూడు నెల‌ల‌కో, సంవ‌త్స‌రానికో రెన్యూవ‌ల్ చేయించుకోవాల్సి ఉంటుంది.

2.VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting అంటే..ఇందులో కొంత RAM, Space కంపెనీ ఇస్తుంది. మ‌న వెబ్‌సైట్‌ను దానికి త‌గ్గట్టుగా వాడుకోవాల్సి వ‌స్తుంది. మిగ‌తా వారితో మ‌న‌కు సంబంధం ఉండ‌దు. ఈ స‌ర్వ‌ర్‌తో మ‌న‌తో షేర్ చేసుకునే వారు చాలా అరుదుగా త‌క్కువ మంది ఉంటారు. త‌క్కువ ట్రాఫిక్ వ‌స్తే Shared Hosting కొనుగోలు చేయ‌వ‌చ్చు. అదే మ‌న వెబ్‌సైట్‌కు ఎక్కువ సంఖ్య‌లో ట్రాఫిక్‌ (వ్యూస్‌) ఉంటే VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting కొనుగోలు చేయాల్సి ఉంటుంది. ఎక్కువుగా బిజినెస్ వెబ్‌సైట్‌ల‌కు VPS(Virtual Private Server) Hosting చాలా ఉప‌యోగ‌ప‌డుతుంది.

3.Dedicated Hosting

ఈ Dedicated Hosting లో మ‌న‌కంటూ RAM, Bandwidth, Space అన్ని సొంత‌గానే ఉంటాయి. Dedicated Hosting చాలా ఖ‌ర్చుతో కూడినది. సుమారు రూ.ల‌క్ష ధ‌ర ఉంటుంది. Dedicated Hosting లో ఏది ఇబ్బంది వ‌చ్చినా మ‌న‌మే చూసుకోవాలి. ఇత‌రుల‌తో ఎలాంటి సంబంధం లేదు. Dedicated Hosting తీసుకునే వారు స‌ర్వ‌ర్ గురించి అంతా తెలిసి ఉండాలి. సెక్యూర్డ్‌గా వెబ్‌సైట్ ఉండాల‌నుకునే వారికి, వ్యూస్ ఎక్కువుగా వ‌స్తున్న వారికి ఈ Dedicated Hosting ఉప‌యోగ‌ప‌డుతుంది.

India in Best Hosting Companys

  1. Hostinger
  2. Bluehost
  3. HostGator
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Siteground
  6. HostPapa
  7. Ipage
  8. InMotion
  9. GreenGeeks
  10. Godaddy


  • fast load time (345 ms)
  • cheap pricing ($0.99/mo)
  • Datacenters in US, Europe & Asia
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 24 / 7 support chat
  • No free domain
  • Poor uptime (99.74%)
  • Limited bandwidth on the cheap plan
    Our last 12 month data shows that Hostinger has an average uptime of 99.74%, which is definitely nothing to brag about. However, they compensate for it with a very fast average loading time of 345 ms making it the best cheap web hosting you can find.
    Hostinger offers extremely affordable hosting plans without compromising too much on the quality and performance of the service. while it’s cheap on the price, the features that come with Hostinger’s plans will appeal to many beginner website owners.
    The company offers a variety of hosting plans with different features all plans come with an easy website builder, free SSL certificate, 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee, and 24 / 7/ 365 support.
    Hostinger’s cheapest plan starts from just $0.99/ mo, renewals start at $2.15/mo. Bandwidth and databases are unlimited Unless You choose the Single Web Hosting Plan. With the latter you’ll be limited to 10GB of disk space, 100GB of Bandwidth, one MySQL database, and one email account. Most notably, the cheapest plan doesn’t include a free domine and has limited processing power and memory. Other services provided by Hostinger include Email, WordPress, and Windows VPS hosting plans. All plans come with a standard 30- day money-back guarantee.
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  • Good uptime(99.96%)
  • Fast speed (641 ms)
  • One-Click Install for WordPress
  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly
  • Free domain and site builder
  • 24 / 7 support
  • Discounts for longer plans only
    Bluehost web hosting has been around since 2007 and they now host more than 3,000,000 websites. They are the most popular, low-cost hosting option for new websites.
    They are our top-rated web hosting company because their last 12-month uptime and speed are strong – 99.96% and 641 ms, respectively. Their 3-year introductory price is $2.75 / mo (renews $8.99) and that comes with features like free domain name, website builder, and one-click install for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal through their control panel. So for starters, this is probably the best option. Unmetered bandwidth and 50 GB storage are included in the basic plan.
    It’s a great fit for WordPress websites since it’s officially recommended by WordPress.org
    Bluehost also offers free email accounts, 24 / 7 live customer support, and SSL on all plans. It’s very easy to use and probably the best entry-level web hosting provider that is both reliable and secure. In addition to traditional shared hosting, the company also offers dedicated, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting plans for higher traffic websites.
    All of their hosting plans come with a 30 – day money – back Guarantee and get instantly activated, so you can start using them right away.

A2 Hosting

  • Fast load time (279 ms)
  • Reliable uptime (99.97%)
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • 24 / 7 Guru chat support
  • 20 email accounts
  • Higher renewal cost
    US-based A2 Hosting(founded in 2002, hosting 500,000 + websites) is the fastest shared web hosting we’ve tested to date. They’ve managed to achieve an impressive 279 ms average load time over a period of 12 months.
    A2 Hosting is fast because its servers are optimized for WordPress websites and they use LiteSpeed cache. Since We’ve reviewed more than 30+ shared web hosting companies, none of them are fast as A2.
    A2 Hosting is also reliable. Their average uptime has been hovering around 99.97% with a bit more than two hours of downtime.
    The A2 hosting company is well known for working seamlessly with all major content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, and Magento making it a great fit for web developers. The company offers a variety of hosting plans and they all include a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and free site migration.
    The cheapest plan ‘Lite’ starts at $2.96/mo(renews $7.99 /mo) comes with 1 website, 25 email accounts, a domain name for 1 year, free Cloudflare CDN, and unlimited bandwidth/disk space.
    A2 Hosting has a reliable customer support team called ‘ Guru Crew Support.’ customers can connect with them 24 / 7 / 365 via live chat, phone, email, and tickets. Next to regular, shared hosting, they also offer dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting plans. all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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  • Sufficient load time (756 ms)
  • Great uptime (99.99%)
  • Knowledgable customer support
  • 24 / 7 Guru chat support
  • 20+ email accounts
  • Setup fee on monthly plans
  • Limited cheap plan
    SiteGround is a web hosting provider founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. They’re hosting over 2 million domains and is one of the three web hosting services officially recommended by WorPress.org.
    According to our last 12 months’ data, SiteGround has a fantastic uptime(99.99%) and adequate speed (756 ms) making it a very strong top 10 web host. site Ground is well – known for its exemplary customer service and its user base is growing fast. All SiteGround hosting plans include website builder, email account, SSL, Cloudflare CDN, daily backups, and SSH access, for free.
    The cheapest Startup plan designed for beginners starts at $3.95 / mo, renewals start at $11.95/mo. you can host 1 website well – suited for 10,000 monthly visits. The plan comes with 10 GB of web space, unmetered traffic, and 24 / 7 support.
    SiteGround has a wide line of services including managed WordPress hosting. WooCommerece hosting, cloud hosting, enterprise hosting, and dedicated server hosting. instead of having in-house servers, they are renting servers from the Google Cloud. All plans come with an industry-standard 30 day back guarantee.


  • Good load time (518 ms)
  • Average uptime (99.95%)
  • 100 GB website storage
  • cPanel and website builder access
  • uptime guarantee for 99.90%
  • SSL & email costs extra
  • No site transfers
  • GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting solutions powering over 44 million websites. The company has 14 facilities around the globe and is recognized as one of the largest domain registrars. They also offer web hosting services that are suitable for both small and very big websites. Similar to SiteGround, they also don’t own their server park, instead, they have partnered with Amazon and rent servers from AWS.
  • The last year of tracking GoDaddy shared hosting has shown us an uptime of 99.95% and page speed around 518 ms which shows us that GoDaddy is a reliable provider. GoDaddy is an excellent solution for building custom websites as it comes with a simple drag and drops website builder designed for beginners. it also features developer-friendly tools like MySQL, cPanel, Cloudlinux, Python, and multiple versions of PHP.
  • Their cheapest web hosting plan starts from $4.33/ mo (renews $8.99 / mo) comes with 100GB of website storage and unmetered bandwidth. Security monitoring and DDoS Protection are included too.
  • However, GoDaddy has married ‘upsells’ that will likely make you pay a bit more. For example, site backups, SSL certificates, and email accounts are not included in their cheapest plan. GoDaddy also offers 24/7 support. All GoDaddy’s yearly and multi-year plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి:ఎస్సైల‌నే బెదిరించిన కిలాడీ లేడి..చివ‌ర‌కు!

ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి:కొత్త పార్టీపై ష‌ర్మిల బిజీ! ఖ‌మ్మం నేత‌ల‌పై ఫోక‌స్‌!

ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి: ఆ చేప మ‌హా డేంజ‌ర్‌! త‌గిలితే అంతే సంగ‌తులు!

ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి: అన్న‌పై ఎంత అభిమాన‌మో!

ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి: విషాదం: యువ జంట ఆత్మ‌హ‌త్యాయత్నం‌‌..యువ‌కుడు మృతి!

ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి: family health optima insurance plan: తెలుగులో తెలుసుకోండి!

ఇది చ‌ద‌వండి:అట‌వీ శాఖ‌కు బాలుడు ఫిర్యాదు,రూ.67వేలు జ‌రిమానా!


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