the Russia Ukraine conflict

what is the Russia Ukraine conflict

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The Russia – Ukraine Conflict is over 100 years old. Ukraine was a part of the Russian empire in 1917. But this was against the wishes of Ukraine. A year later, Ukraine declared itself an independent country.(the Russia Ukraine conflict)

However, this act of rebellion didn’t last long and Ukraine became a part of the USSR in 1922. And Ukraine became a part of the Soviet Union in 1922. Protests against the USSR regime gained momentum.

In 1991, the USSR Collapsed and Ukraine became a separate nation. However, the newly- established Russia continued to interfere in Ukraine’s affairs as one-sixth of its population was Russian.

In 2014, Russia faced a major setback, When Ukraine president and pro – Russia leader Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from office. Yanukovych had opposed Ukraine’s inclusion in the European Union.

This led to widespread protests in Europe’s second-biggest country in Ukraine and Yanukovych had to step down. Yanukovych’s successor Petro Poroshenko opted to join the European Union.

Angered by the move, Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 which was part of Ukraine. Almost seven years later, Ukraine’s incumbent President Volodymyr Zelenskyy decided to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation decided to join NATO.

volodymyr zelenskyy – Putin

The decision to join NATO accelerated the conflict with Moscow as it would mean the presence of NATO forces on Russia’s borders. NATO is an intergovernmental military alliance with the US being its biggest member nation.

In February 2022, Russia declared Ukraine’s Luhansk and Donetsk as independent entities.

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