What is HTTPS Means?

What is HTTPS Means?

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What is HTTPS Means? | Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a set of rules browsers use to determine how to read and transfer data over the web. when a URL includes ”http,” the browser knows to follow this protocol to successfully load a web page.

Https is the same as HTTP except HTTPS tells a browser to encrypt the data exchanged with a web page. Encryption disguises data and lessens the chance that you information is viewed or manipulated. This is important when a website includes sensitive data like your personal details or financial information.

Set up HTTPS

To use HTTPS with your domain name, you need a SSL or TLS certificate installed on your website. Your web host may offer HTTPS Security or you can request a SSL/TLS Certificate from Certificate Authorities and install it youself. SSL/TLS Certificates may need to be renewed periodically.

There are different types of web servers, and each has its own process for installing and updateing SSL/TLS Certificates. You will need to find out which web server your website is using and follow its instructions for installing and updating your certificate.

Safequared your SSL/TLS certificates.

HTTPS helps prevent Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks, but if someone can impersonate your SSL/TLS Certificate, those attacks are still possible. To prevent this, you should review certificates issued for your website that you don’t recognize. You can also restrict who can issue certificates for you domain with Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) resource records.

To review certificates issued for your domain, you can search on Censys.io. CAA resource records give you the ability to control who can issue SSL/TLS certificates for your website.

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