Core Web Vitals Assessment: reality technology brings Olympic Games to Tokyo's disabled children

Virtual reality technology brings Olympic Games to Tokyo’s disabled children

disabled children: For disabled children, watching the Olympics in a live venue is no easy task. But thanks to advanced technology, these disabled kids got to enjoy the Games in School.

Shinya Shoji (Principal – Bokuto School for the Physically Handicapped)

Shinya Shoji

”Going to the venues is challenging for some of my students. I really appreciate being able to watch the Games at a school gymnasium. as if we were sitting in the front row where there is air conditioning. I’m moved by the technology provided here as well. I feel really happy that the

reaction of kids is way better than I expected. As we can hold this event here. It means that this can be held anywhere in the world. That’s the message I want to tell. There are some unfortunate things, such as no spectators allowed at venues. But through this, using technology, it is as if we are watching the Games in the stadiums. I think that’s really amazing.”

Students with mental and physical disabilities from 4 schools jointly watched the Games. They interacted with athletes through a camera danced with a robotic mascot and viewed matches inside a virtual reality dome. The principal hopes the program’s success will pave the way for similar setups elsewhere.

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