Virat-Anushka's Daughter

Virat-Anushka’s Daughter Vamika’s Pictures Go viral

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Anushka Sharma and her daughter Vamika have accompanied Virat Kohli for the India vs South Africa ODI match. Previously when pictures of Vamika have been shared on the internet, her face has been blurred to respect her privacy, as requested by her parents. However this time, during a match on Sunday, Sky Sports were the official broadcasters of the match.

The Camera panned on Anushka Sharma holding Vamika in her arms. The camera stayed on them for about ten seconds, giving a clear-cut view of Vamika’s face for the first time. Anushka was holding Vamika in her arms and was cheering for her husband who was batting.

After that several accounts on social media handle reshared Vamika’s photos. As soon as the pictures went viral over the internet, Vamika started trending over Twitter. Fans even called Vamika ‘mini Virat’.

People started posting comments saying vamika was very cute. how ever, now many fans are angry at Sky Sports for spreading pictures of Vamika when Virat and Anushka have constantly asked the media to respect their child’s privacy but still, images are circulating on the internet.

Virat-Anushka’s Daughter Vamika

Now we will have to wait and see what action the couple will take. Will they file a case against sky Sports for spreading their daughter’s pictures without their consent? Or will the couple let it be? We will have to wait and watch.

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