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Ukraine Farmers Plough on in the face of war that is fuelling a food crisis

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Ukraine Farmers Plough on in the face of war that is fuelling a food crisis | It is the crop-sowing season in Ukraine, but farmers have more to worry about than usual

So far, this farm has been safe from attacks by Russian invasion forces

But the war has pushed up fuel prices amid a Western boycott of Russian gas and oil.

That affects this farmer growing wheat, barley, peas, and more near Ukraine’s border with Romania.

Ukraine Farmers Plough on in the face of war that is fuelling a food crisis

Alexander Petkov (Farmer)

Our harvest is stored in specialised warehouses, and of course we will keep it for a certain period, it will not spoil. But what makes it worse is that we have to sell it to get funds we need for further production, and we have essentially stopped. we are now using the remaining fuel that we had before the war, and there are no new supplies, nothing yet established, so we are in the waiting phase. But in the far south we’re now working. we have already started planting. and we are now faced with the problem that in 3-5 days, we will have nothing to work with… no fuel and nobody to bring it to us.

about 30% of the world’s global wheat exports are from Russia and Ukraine.

Disruptions in Russian and Ukrainian food and fuel supply chains also put other countries at risk.

Eugenia Servova (Director, Agricultural Policy- Russian Higher School of Economics)

For Ukraine, all ports have closed and cannot continue to transport grain. Moreover, due to the unstable situation, insurance companies are unwilling to offer policies, so logistics companies are reluctant to take orders. The situation is the same regardless of whether it involves rail or maritime transport. So this directly affects the supply of Agricultural products. with the Russian and Ukrainian domestic markets being the first to bear the brunt.

In Africa alone, at least 25 countries import 1/3 of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

Bread is a staple food in Egypt, which gets 80% of its wheat from the 2 countries.

1.6 million people are expected to fall into ‘Emergency levels of hunger’ by December because of the compounding effects of the war (Source: World Food Programme, March 2022).

The African Development Bank plans to raise us$1 billion to avert a potential food crisis.

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