Turkish tourism

Turkish tourism bounces back from Pandemic

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Turkish tourism: Secluded coves, golden sands, azure waters. It’s beloved destination for millions of tourists every year. But those charmed places were virtually empty when the COVID-19 Pandemic truck down the tourism industry worldwide in 2020. Now finally with the easing of restrictions, Turkiye is anticipating a bumper tourism season. and hoping to exceed pre-pandemic numbers.

  • Volker Scheffer (Tourist)
    It’s very nice weather, it’s not expensive, The people are nice and helpful. We prefer to come here. because in corona times there is no problem for us We can move freely. We prefer this country.

Ukraine and Russia account for move than a quarter of all tourists visiting Turkiye. But will they still visit now they are in conflict with each other.

  • Sinan Koseoglu (JW Marriott Multi – Property General Manager)
    Turkey is a great destination for both countries. I beliver our position as a peacemaker will give us great results for 2022 as well form both countries. they will continue to travel.

Turkish tourism

In the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, Hotels are gearing up for the new season. And tourists from various countries have started flocking. Antalya’s appeal is easy to see with its winding beaches lined with luxury hotels. But it’s not the only drawcard. The tourists we’ve spoken to say Turkish hospitality matches the warmth of the Mediterranean in the summer.

  • Alexandra (Tourist)
    It’s my sixth time in Turkey. In Antalya, I was three times before this one. I like the climate very much, the hospitality, the food, the sea.

After losing close to two years to the COVID – 19 pandemic tourism professionals are hoping for a strong season this year welcoming tourists for a holiday they” ll never forget.

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