Taliban raises flag

Taliban raises flag in Kabul as international community addresses humanitarian crisis

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Taliban raises flag in Kabul as international community addresses humanitarian crisis: Taliban members gathered in Kabul for a flag-raising ceremony. The Arabic words say, ‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger’. On the same day, the UN said the country’s humanitarian situation had ‘deteriorated alarmingly‘.

Jalal Anas (Taliban Member)

I cannot explain my feelings, I have never ever experienced such happiness in my life before.

Qari Fasehuldin Fitrat (Chief of Staff – Defence Ministry)

May God bless us with the blessing of these blessed words written on tha flag to serve the suffering nation of Afghanistan, and to make our country equal to other countries in the world.

Antonio Guterres (United Nations Secretary General)

Without immediate action, we face a starvation and mainutrition crisis in Afghanistan. People are alredy selling their children and their body parts in order to feed their families. Afhanistan’s economy has effectively collapsed. There is very little cash. More than 80 per cent of the population are in debt. Some 95 percent of people do not have enough to eat. And nine million people are at risk of famine.
Unicef estimates that a million severely malnourished children are on the verge of death. Our funding appeal for Afghanistan this year is US$4.4 billion. the world’s largest appeal for a single country. I deeply regret that girls’ education above sixth grade remains suspended. a violation of the equal rights of girls that damages the entire country and leaves girls more exposed to violence, poverty and exploitation. There is simply no justification for such discrimination.
sources: south china morning post

The UN urged that cash be made available. The US pledged about US$204 million in new humanitarian aid to NGOs for Afghanistan. Girls’ access to education is another concern. A week earlier, the Taliban reversed a policy that would have allowed girls to return to secondary schools. The de facto government wants to ‘ find constructive paths forward’, a UN official added.

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