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Superstar Rajinikanth Success Story: Hai, do you feel like unsmart, poor, underrated? Do you feel like you can’t achieve anything? And are you struggling for success?

Superstar Rajinikanth Success Story: Then this story is really going to motivate you. Be sure to try to read the whole thing completely. To learn some valuable lessons from this story. From a bus Conductor to Superstar Rajinikanth. We all know Rajinikanth for his humbleness, his superhit films, and people praise him like a God. But you are going to be amazed by here that from childhood Rajinikanth is not like that, which we see today. A luxurious lifestyle, a huge fan following, and so on.

Rajinikanth was born in a very low middle-class family. His father was a police constable and his mother was a housewife. In childhood, he was named Shivaji Rai Gaekwad, after the name of Maratha Empire king Chhatrapati Shivaji. Only at the age of nine, he lost his mother. He is the youngest of four siblings. His aspiration towards theatre grew. When he participated in a play as Ekalavya’s friend from the Hindu epic Mahabharat. But he never thought to become a superstar, he just wants to follow his passion. After completion of school, he has to support his family. For that he worked as a coolie, but not getting enough money from coolies job, so he decided to work as a carpenter, that phase of his life, he struggled a lot. He also worked as a bus conductor, just because the salary is high. In comparison to a coolie and a carpenter.

When Rajinikanth is worked in bus transport. He watched an advertisement for the newly formed Madras Film Institute. and he decided to take up an acting course from there, but his family was not fully supportive of his decision. Just like you and me when we want to do something different. we are not getting any support from our family. That phase was also faced by Rajinikanth.

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In their time, one of his friend and co-worker, Raj Bahadur motivated him to join the Institute, and also financially supported him during this phase. and Rajinikanth takes a jump toward his passion. During the Institute, in rehearsal Rajinikanth was noticed by a famous Tamil director K. Balachander. and his acting career is started in the 1975, ”Apoorva Ragangal” film. Do you notice that when he’s taking one step towards his passion, an opportunity also takes one step forward to meet him? But remember one thing, Rajinikanth was not quit his bus conductor work, he’s just followed his acting passion, side by side. So why can’t we take small steps towards our passion? Coming back to our story, by the time of 1990s Rajinikanth established himself as a commercial entertainer, and as a superstar, and during this time, his all films are highly successful at the box office.

Rajinikanth once said that the biggest inspiration in his film journey is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. From this line, we can see that Rajinikanth always stays humble and take inspiration from other actors, which makes him the biggest superstar, we can ever hear.

Mr. K. Balachander once says, ”Rajinikanth claims that I am his school. But I must admit that this wasn’t the Rajinikanth that I introduced. He evolved on his own merits and strengths. I gave him an opportunity and unveiled him to the world. He went and conquered it.”

From there, we understand Rajinikanth always feels thankful for his mentors, whoever helped him to grow in the film world. Now, in 2002, there’s a struggling face for him. Some of his films get criticized and the film is not going very well. It is his struggled phase. But from 2006, his film “Shivaji”, then “Robot” and then, “2.0” movies became blockbuster hits.

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So whenever he is going in a struggling phase, he just keeps patience. It’s a real and admiring journey of Talaivaa Rajinikanth. He is awarded many honorable awards, the Government of India has awarded him the ‘Padma Bhushan’ and ‘Padma Vibhushan’ Award, and the 67th National Film Awards. he was awarded as ‘Dadasaheb Phalke’ award. That’s all for today. I hope you enjoy this story.


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