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Smita Singhal: Turning Sewage Into Drinkable Tap Water

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The very though of drinking water from a roadside gutter can be disturbing. But to Smita Singhal from Delhi, the Idea makes perfect sense. Smitha’s firm Absolute water runs 100% sustainable plants that are able to filter enough sewage to produce one lakh liters of clean, usable water a day.

By turning sewage water into drinkable water, Absolute Water solves two massive challenges we face. One, the staggering amount of wastewater India generates daily, And two, the severe water stress that’s likely to worsen over the next decade.

Smita Singhal (Founder Absolute Water)

In comparison to conventional systems, our process is 100% green, We don’t use any chemicals. There is no sludge generation, and electricity consumption is low There is no sludge generation, and electricity consumption is low therefore it can be solar- powered. In the beginning, we were focused on changing people’s mindsets. But then good advice came from seniors in the Industry.

We converted this challenge into an opportunity, advocating the use of the treated water for purposes other than drinking and cooking. We are very excited about our new model- India’s first- ever, 100% green mobile water recovery system. It is a system on wheels with the same technology and can treat up to 10,000 liters in 45 minutes. it can be used for construction, gardening, residential societies, and also for previding access to clean and safe water in remote and inaccessible areas.

There’s more, Smita’s process also involves very low maintenance and has one-fifth the cost of a conventional Sewage Treatment plant. But convincing people to use it hasn’t been easy. Today, Smita’s clients are using this water in vastly different ways.

A medical college in UP uses it to treat hospital waste while a hotel uses it for laundry. Universities in Delhi use the water for horticulture while in Hyderabad the famous ‘Visa Temple‘ uses it to supply treated water to nearby villages as a social project. But Smita is not done yet. Brilliant, right?.

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