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Serbia Election 2022: Serbia Votes under Russia vs Eu Cloud

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Serbia Election 2022: Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, just a few days away from elections. This is just one of many protests to take place across the country in the past few weeks, in support of Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. And for President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party Criticism is pouring in from all fronts. To some voters, he is a traitor for not fully supporting Moscow. And on the other side he is an unreliable partner in the eyes of the West.

Serbia Election 2022

Aleksandar Vucic (Serbian President)

Of Course, Serbia is moving forward on its European path and that is its strategic commtment. but neither will Serbia rush into enmity because someone else asks to.

And come election day on April 3, only a few voters expect any real surprises, Right now images of Vucic are splashed across Serbia’s capital. His Serbian Progressive Party has hol not just on the National Assembly but also on Belgrade. And Analysts say that apart from domestic voters, Vucic is also a favorite of the powers abroad.

Aleksandar Vucic

Cvijectin Milivojevic (Political Analyst)

Vucic is probably the safest player for both the West, and at the Moment, the East, When I say East. I don’t just mean Russia. I also mean China. Neither will mind another Vucic victory. Moreover, I think it is especially hypocritical, for example, that Brussels has in fact forced the opposition to go to the polls once more, even though the election conditions have not improved compared to 2020.

Opposition parties echo similar sentiments they all know that their only chance at polling well is a high turnout.

Bosko Obradovic (Patriotic Bloc Presidential Candidate)

We are running a turnout campaign. We invite people to go the polls, to take their destiny into their own hands. to decide for themselves how they will live in the future. And now these two campaigns are in daily clashes. But we believe that the citizens will still understand how important it is to come out because their voice is a great force.
Bosko Obradovic

Judging by the number of billboards across Belgrade. Vucic also has more advertising space than all his opponents put together. And he is no stranger, either, to marketing. Despite everything that is currently happening in Serbin due to the conflict in Ukraine. Which is certainly not helping President Aleksandar Vucic and his party’s objective polls if there are any suggestions there will be no change. it is possible no that the opposition could eventually win important local elections here in the capital Belgrade.

The upcoming elections are crucial for Serbia. Unlike the past when the country walked a tightrope between Europe and Russia. the future leader of Serbia may now have to decide. if the country is more committed to a future EU membership or to Vladimir Putin.

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