Section 124A of IPC: 100 Farmers Face Sedition Case in Haryana

Sedition Case

Sedition Case: For a year, farmers have been protesting against three farm laws.

Several rounds of talks in Haryana’s Sirsa district on 11 July, farmers were protesting against the BJP Government and the controversial farm laws.

The farmers allegedly attacked and damaged the official vehicle of Deputy Speaker Ranbir Gangwa during the protest.

The Police in Haryana have now filed an FIR case under Section 124A of IPC.

The law is related to the offense of sedition where people are working against the government.

An attempt to murder charge was filed as well.

Surprisingly on 10th July, the Chief Justice of India NV Ramana had said the Sedition laws in the country were actually made by the British Government when they ruled India to control people like Gandhiji and other freedom fighters from protesting against the government.

After independence, the laws have been misused to stop people from voicing their opinions.

The CJI questioned the need for such a law in 2021.

Two leaders of the farmers’ movement – Harcharan Singh and Prahlad Singh- were among those named in the FIR. 5 people were arrested.

Samyukt Kisan Morcha slammed the charges, calling them ”false, frivolous and cooked up” and vowing to contest them in court.

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