Russia's secret plot leaked

Russia’s secret plot leaked

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Russia’s secret plot leaked | Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, appears to have accidentally revealed top-secret plans to invade a new country.

The dictator appeared on live TV while positioned in front of a battle map that seemingly indicates a planned Russian operation.

The map included Russian lines of attack into Ukraine, some of which have already occurred, and also outlined attacks that have not yet happened.

One of those seems to point to an operation stretching from the Ukrainian port city of Odesa into Moldova.

Mr. Lukashenko’s apparent blunder came within hours of the Ukrainian parliament confirming the presence of Belarusian troops in Ukraine.

While the President has repeatedly denied claims Belarus was poised to join the fight against Ukraine, the invasion map seems to indicate their plan to assist Russia.

It comes hot on the heels of Belarus voting to revoke its non-nuclear status, sparking fears its territory could be used by Russia as a lunch pad against Ukraine.

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