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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Thousands of Ukrainians flee in packed trains to Poland

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict | Thousands of People continue to flee Ukraine as Russia Pursues its offensive in the Country. Many boarded trains from Lviv in the west heading for Europe and other parts of Ukraine.

Valeriy Kabakov (Resident of Poltava, Ukraine)
My wife is eight months pregnant, given the situation and for security, I brought her to the station and put her on the train to the Polish border. (Russia-Ukraine Conflict)

Valeriy Kabakov

Packed trains arrived in the Polish city of Przemysl. Many of those on board were women, children, and older people. Ukraine is preventing men between 18 and 60 from leaving as they are urged to join the fighting.

Lilila Repa (Ukrainian Refugee)
Volunteers are now bringing us some warm beverages, Coffee, and sandwiches. I thank you all for understanding, it’s a matter of the heart. I don’t know My family stayed there [in Ukraine]. I can’t say more.

Lilila Repa

Trains were also used to send medical and humanitarian aid to help treat the refugees arriving in Przemysl. Others fled Ukraine by foot, entering Poland through Medaka. Some were met by relatives and friends and others headed to reception centers.

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