Core Web Vitals Assessment: Raid on the houses of 15 corrupt officials in Karnataka

Raid on the houses of 15 corrupt officials in Karnataka

Many government officials in Karnataka were accused of corruption. This is why Karnataka’s Anti-Corruption Bureau conducted raids at the Home of 15 government officials. One such raid was at the home of an engineer named Shantha Gowda Biradar who works for the Public Works Development(PWD). During the raid at Mr. Biradar’s residence, officials of the Anti- Corruption Bureau recovered ₹ 25 lakh in cash and a huge quantity of gold. Bureau officials then realized that the engineer had hidden cash in the pipelines at his residence. They then got a plumber to extract the wads of currency notes from the pipes. Visuals recorded during the raid show officials and the plumber removing sections of pipes and removing notes from inside. The engineer wanted to hide his black money in the pipe. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai Said, ”our government will not tolerate corruption in any form. There is no question of shielding anyone found guilty.”

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