positive change in Life

positive change in Life: Want to change something for the better? Here’s how not to get stuck in Resistance Mode. Be aware of these 4 stages you’ll go through whenever you’re trying to make a change.

By Mike McClement, Founder Think Confidence


Nobody likes change. We know where we stand if we carry on as normal. We prefer the ‘norm’. We feel more secure keeping that status quo because we don’t have to worry about any unknowns. We fear that change means trying something new, Something that might not work out, something that might even fail. In short, when change is considered, our first thought is to deny the need for it.

positive change in Life: Resistance

A subtle change in your approach begins to show. You’ll start to think and say things like ”When does it need to be done by?” What happens is that you move from denial to resistance. In your mind, You”ll passively accept that making the change is worth considering. You”ll have moved on from complete denial.


Moving to the resistance stage makes it possible to accept that exploring the options is worthwhile. You’ll Notice your mindset changing from a negative mode to a more upbeat positive mode. You start to realize and accept that making the change may well make a lot of sense. You’ve completed stage 3 of the Change Transition Process.

positive change in Life: Commitment

This new positive approach shows in the form of commitment. This mental process you go through is true for any type of change you consider. The human mind is always cautious when the concept of change in introduced. You”ll be in a stronger position to embrace it.

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