Pakistan PM Imran Khan Wants TV debate with PM Modi

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Wants TV debate with PM Modi

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan Wants TV debate with PM Modi | Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was criticizing the Ideology of India’s governing Party When he offered to debate his Indian Counterpart on live TV. New Delhi has repeatedly said it will not talk to Islamabad until Pakistan acts against terrorism. The ties between the two countries were nosedived in 2016 after the terror attack on an Indian Air Force station in Pathankot. A terror attack on an Army camp in Uri in 2016 worsened relations. A terror attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama in 2019 worsened relations.

Oksana Boyko (Host of Worlds Apart Show):

You have your own conflict to solve, and it may be a very stupid question on my part, because we all know that bad peace is better than a good war, leave a conflict in limbo for decades on end, or do you think issues should be solved when they are hard?

PM: You see, if humans want, they can solve any conflict. The problem is that the Humans, the leaders, I am talking about the leaders. I am sure the people in Ukraine and in Russia, everyone understands if there is a conflict, there will be consequences, everyone will be.

Host: But it’s not about the people, people on either side don’t want this conflict to happen.

PM: Exactly, but I think that the leadership in the countries is then stuck. That if we withdraw from this position, what will be the consequences to us Politically? Because politically there are consequences always. And I think it takes very powerful, great leaders who rise above this and who think about the effects on human beings.

Host: I do want to ask you about great leadership, but very quickly, I know that you have tried to deal with your mutual grievances with India over Kashmir. I am sure you are not satisfied with the results of those efforts. Are you going to leave that issue to your successors or are you still hoping to try something new?

PM: You know, when my party came into power in 2018, the first thing I did was to reach out to India and I told them you know, Our only issue is Kashmir, let’s sit down at the table and resolve it. Let’s have a road map”. But I didn’t realize and remember I am the one who knows India better than anyone because cricket is a passion, you know, in the Subcontinent. And because of, you know, me being captain of cricket here and sort of playing lots over 10 years against India, I know India better than most people.

So I immediately reached out, but then I discovered to my horror that this is not the India I used to know. Because it has been taken over by this mad ideology, it’s a racist ideology, which was inspired by the Nazis. Their founding fathers were inspired by the Nazis. You can Google on your phone, and you can, their founding father praise the Nazis. their founding fathers praise the Nazis. Racial superiority, and you see there’s a negative nationalism, there’s a positive nationalism.

You must distinguish between the two. I can inspire my people by saying, look you were a great nation, let’s now get back again. But if I say you were a great nation, but because of these other human communities, you could not reach the top, So shift the hatred towards them, there is always bloodshed.

Host: Prime Minister, I am sure your counterpart in New Delhi Would disagree, but if Prime Minister Modi wants to share his own views, we would be more than happy to travel to New Delhi and interview him on that very.

PM: Listen, I would love to debate with Narendra Modi on TV. it would be so good for over a billion people on the subcontinent if we can resolve our differences through a debate.

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