Operation Ganga

Operation Ganga: Safe rescue of Indians from Ukraine

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Operation Ganga | to ensure the safe evacuation of its citizens from what on Ukraine India has launched a massive evacuation plan it’s called operation Ganga. Under which about 46 flights will fly out Indian nationals out of Europe’s evacuation centers and in the interim prime minister Narendra Modi also spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday the talks between the two premiers focused on the situation unfolding in Ukraine.

They Revealed the Situation on the ground in Ukraine especially the safe evacuation of Indian Citizens from the conflict-hit areas according to reports female Indian students have been Evacuated from haki when efforts for rescuing the Male Students are currently underway meanwhile Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Igor kuneshkov that Ukraine is holding Indians as hostages in some regions and offered that the Russian army is ready to safely evacuate all the Indian citizens stuck in Ukraine.

And India meanwhile has rejected all claims of Indians being held hostage Indian prime minister Narendra Modi chaired a fifth high-level meeting on the crisis as well to review the measures undertaken as the government expedites the plan to evacuate Indians from the Region.

now the government of India Scheduled 46 flights till the 8th of march out to which 29 will take off much 10 from Budapest six from Poland and one from Slovakia India has evacuated over 17,000 citizens from the water nation so far and large scale efforts are underway to evacuate all the remaining citizens in conflict zone evacuation flights have taken off from countries bordering western Ukraine including Poland Slovakia Hungary Romania more are scheduled in the coming days as well.

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