Noor Mukadam's Murder

Noor Mukadam’s Murder Shows Even An Ambassador’s Daughter Not Safe in Pakistan After Saying No

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Noor Mukadam’s Murder: Pakistan Ex-Diplomat’s Daughter Brutally Murdered. Noor Mukdam shot, stabbed & beheaded. Anger against Barbaric Killing, Protests rage in Pakistan.

On July 20, Noor was reportedly shot & brutally beheaded in one of Islamabad’s posh neighborhoods.
Reports say Noor Mukadam was beaten unconscious shot before being beheaded.

According to reports her body bore marks of torture and there was a stab wound in the temple.
Islamabad police have arrested the suspect, Zahir Jagger, in whose house Noor’s body was found.

Zahir is the son of an influential Islamabad businessman & has been charged with Noor’s murder.
On July 24, Islamabad Police arrested Zahir’s parents & household staff for hiding evidence and being complicit in the crime.

Investigating Officer Abdul Sattar informed the court that Zahir allegedly tortured Noor with a knuckleduster before beheading her.

After being taken into custody, police recovered a pistol, knife, and knuckleduster from the accused.

What Led to the Murder?

According to reports, Zahir and Noor had known each other since childhood, and apparently, we’re in a relationship.

However, after the break-up, Zahir would send abusive and threatening messages to Noor’s friends.
Reports suggest Noor was killed over a breakup with the accused, who could not handle the refusal.

On July 19, Noor informed her parents over the phone that she was going to Lahore with her friends.
But when authorities checked the victim’s phone records it was revealed she never left Islamabad.

On July 20, the victim’s father received a call from Zahir informing him that Noor was not with him.
The same day around 10 pm the family was informed by police about his daughter’s murder.

Investigation officers believe that revenge could be the probable motive behind the murder.

Zahir Jaffer – A Serial Offender?

Reports say Zahir was previously deported from the UK over a sexual harassment and rape case.
Reports suggest Zahir also has a history of drug abuse.

Zahir had allegedly attempted to attack those who first arrived at the crime scene.
However, he was subsequently tied up when the police and Shaukat Mukadam arrived.

Islamabad police have requested Jaffer be placed on the exit control list as he is a citizen of both the US and Pakistan.

Anger in Pakistan

Several people gathered in Islamabad to mourn the death of Noor Muqaddam.
The dreadful nature of Noor’s death has reignited a debate on Violence against women in Pakistan.

People took to social media to demand justice while recalling other instances of femicide victims.
The demonstrators staged protests in Lahore over violence against women after a spate of incidents.

Noor’s murder comes few days after Afghan top envoy Najibullah Alikhil’s daughter was abducted in Islamabad.
On July 16, Silsila Alikhil, daughter of Afghanistan’s ambassador to Pakistan was kidnapped and severely tortured.

While Silsila Alikhil was later released, this led to an escalation of tension between Afghanistan & Pakistan.

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