Most Popular Whiskey Brands list 2022

Most Popular Whiskey Brands list 2022

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Most Popular Whiskey Brands list 2022: Whiskey is an amber-flavored spirit made from fermented grain (rye, wheat, corn, or barley). Most whiskeys are kept in wooden crates before bottling. These are the different types. They are usually separated by their origin, grain types, blending process, or the aging process. Each type differs in taste. There are nine types of whiskey. 1. Bourbon whiskey 2. Tennessee whiskey 3. Single-malt whiskey 4. Rye whiskey 5. Irish whiskey 6. Scotch whiskey 7. Canadian whiskey 8. Japanese whiskey 9. Blended whiskey.

BrandCountryAvg PriceType Ranked
1. FireballCanada$15Canadian WhiskyBudget
2. JamesonIreland$22Irish WhiskeyStandard
3. Jack Daniel’sUSA$22American WhiskeyStandard
4. Blanton’sUSA$55Bourbon WhiskeyPremium
5. TXUSA$30Blended Whiskey BourbonStandard
6. Crown RoyalCanada$30Canadian WhiskyStandard
7. Virginia BlackUSA$33American WhiskeyStandard
8. Johnny WalkerScotland$23Blended ScotchStandard
9. Buchanan’sUK$30Blended ScotchStandard
10. MacallanScotland$45Single Malt ScotchPremium
11. PendletonCanada$22Canadian WhiskyStandard
12. Jim BeamUSA$13Bourbon WhiskeyBudget
13. Bird DogUSA$16Bourbon WhiskeyBudget
14. Black VelvetCanada$8Canadian WhiskyBudget
15. Makers MarkUSA$24Bourbon WhiskeyStandard
16. Wild TurkeyUSA$20Bourbon WhiskeyStandard
17. KavalanTaiwan$96Single Malt WhiskeyPremium
18. BulleitUSA$25Bourbon WhiskeyStandard
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