LAVO world-first Hydrogen bike with no batteries


Hydrogen bike: Currently, petrol and diesel prices have gone up. Motorists are now searching on Google for alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles. However, battery-powered vehicles became available. Some companies have also released electric vehicles in the same way. And now vehicles running on hydrogen are also coming onto the roads. For the first time in the history of the world, a bike that runs on hydrogen alone without any batteries will be available. StudioMOM was the first company in the world to design a two-wheeler called the LAVO Bike to run on hydrogen. Leading researchers at the University of New South Wales have developed this two-wheeler.

How is it designed? The bike was made to run by collecting hydrogen from solar energy along with the water consumed by the fish. Small hydrogen tanks were designed in this vehicle. Parts containing the alloy were incorporated to produce hydrogen. It separates hydrogen and oxygen into components and converts them into electricity through solar panels. The researchers say that the bike can be charged in about 10 minutes. Researchers say that with such charged hydrogen, it is possible to travel about 150 km.

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