Sabina Nessa

Killer Jailed for Life For Sabina Nessa’s Murder

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Sabina Nessa’s Murder: A garage worker who attacked primary school teacher Sabina Nessa. as she walked through a London park has been jailed for life for her murder. Koci Selamaj, 36, was told by a judge he will serve. at least 36 years for the ”SAVAGE” sexually motivated attack. His sentencing heard how Ms. Nessa appeared ”oblivious”. as her ran up behind her before he struck her 34 times. over her head with a metal traffic triangle in September 2021.
The family of a murdered primary school teacher. has branded her killer a ”disgusting animal”. and a ”coward” at his sentencing hearing, which he refused to attend. Speaking at the Old bailey, Ms. Nessa’s sister Jabina Islam. labeled Selamaj a ”coward” for not facing up to his crime at the hearing.

Jabina Islam– ”You are an awful human being and do not deserve your name to be said. You are a disgusting animal”.

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