Kerala Liquor Price List 2022

Kerala Liquor Price List 2022

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Kerala Liquor Price List 2022: Good news for liquor lovers. Below is a list of prices such as beer, whiskey, brandy, wine, vodka, rum, and champagne. The rate has changed due to state tax slabs. The lower price is for informational purposes only.

Kerala Liquor Price List 2022

Sl NoPackItem NameMRP
1.750No.1 Mc Dowell’s Brandy620/-
2.750No.1 Honey Bee Brandy620/-
3.750Mc Dowell’s No.1 Celebration Luxury xxx Rum580/-
4.750Old Monk Select xxx Premium Rum850/-
5.750Royal Arms Premium Vsop Brandy780/-
6.750Mc Dowell’s Green Label The Rich Blend Whisky730/-
7.750JB Brandy460/-
8.750Magic Moments Premium Grain Vodka1010/-
9.750Classic Grandee Matured xxx Rum560/-
10.750Mansion House French Brandy910/-
11.750MGM Orange Kiz Vodka620/-
12.750Radico Morpheus xo Blended Rare Brandy1230/-
13.750Golconda Brandy560/-
14.750Officer’s Choice Deluxe Brandy710/-
15.750Officer’s Choice xxx Rum720/-
16.750Everyday Gold XXX Rum550/-
17.750Xo Old Port Rum570/-
18.750Old Pearl No.1 Matured xxx Rum590/-
19.750Jamaican Magic Rum540/-
20.750Bacardi Limon Original Citrus Rum1440/-
21.750White Mischief Classic Indian Brandy640/-
22.750Diamond Deluxe xxx Rum510/-
23.750Normandy’s Daddy Wilson Pure Blended Rum630/-
24.750Kyron Premium Brandy French Blend 1220/-
25.750Bagpiper Deluxe xxx Rum600/-
26.750Mc Ocr Premium Rum600/-
27.750Mc Dowell’s Vsop Deluxe Blended Brandy900/-
28.750Nicol’s Black & Gold French Brandy VSOP1210/-
29.750Signature rare Aged Whisky1410/-
30.750DSP Black Deluxe Whisky980/-
31.750Mc Dowell’s Caesar Genuine Blended Brandy1200/-
32.750Peace Maker Rum510/-
33.750Smirnoff Vodka1300/-
34.750Hercules Special Reserve 3 x Rum750/-
35.750Radico 8 PM Bermuda xxx Rum510/-
36.750Mc Dowell’s No.1 Reserve Whisky1000/-
37.750Bacardi Guava Original Guava Rum1550/-
38.750Jolly Roger Premium xxx Rum910/-
39.750Johar’s xxx Rum510/-
40.750Officers’ Choice Prestige Whisky690/-
41.750Johar’s Fine Brandy510/-
42.750Papillon Reserve Brandy850/-
43.750Bagpiper Gold Premium Whisky980/-
44.750Louis Vernant xo Blended Premium Brandy1310/-
45.750Legend Rare Brandy720/-
46.750Royal Challenge Select Premium Whisky1410/-
47.750Rare Honour Premium Rum630/-
48.750Magic Moments Remix Flavoured Vodka Chocolate 1110/-
49.750Bacardi Carta Blanca Classic Superior White Rum1420/-
50.750Snj No.1 Premium xxx Rum 560/-
51.750Magic Moments Remix Smooth Flavoured Vodka Orange 1150/-
52.750Peace Maker Brandy510/-
53.750Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky 1750/-
54.750Mood Maker Brandy 540/-
55.750Old Monk White Rum1000/-
56.750Old Habbit Brandy900/-
57.750Joie De France Vsop Premium Brandy750/-
58.750Royal Palace Premium Xo Brandy810/-
59.750After Dark Deluxe Whisky1290/-
60.750Bacardi Classic Black Original Premium Crafted Rum1090/-
61.750Nicol’s Gold House French Brandy910/-
62.750Old Habbit xxx Rum790/-
63.750Oasis Classic Rum590/-
64.750999 Power Star Fine Rum560/-
65.750Madison Grape Brandy700/-
66.750Radico 8 PM Smooth Indian Whisky650/-
67.750Le Habana Matured xxx Rum610/-
68.750Premium Romanov Vodka Orange 830/-
69.7508 PM Excellency Brandy620/-
70.750The Don Pure Grape Brandy910/-
71.750DDL’S Freeze Orange Vodka 620/-
72.750Contessa White Rum500/-
73.750Hercules Special White Rum840/-
74.750Jean Martin Exo Brandy600/-
75.750Bacardi Orange Original Orange Rum1420/-
76.750Rock dove Premium Whisky1230/-
77.750Courrier Napoleon Gold Brandy600/-
78.750Bottoms Up Whisky900/-
79.750Everyday Gold Classic Brandy550/-
80.750Golden Dale Regular xxx Rum570/-
81.750SNJ No.1 Premium Orange Vodka560/-
82.750British Empire Pure Grape Brandy1340/-
83.750999 Power Star Fine Brancy620/-
84.750Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka 1340/-
85.750Red Bliss Virgin Vodka 1020/-
86.750Richman’s Premium Grape Brandy730/-
87.750Smirnoff Espresso Vodka 1380/-
88.750King Louis XIV Matured Grape Brandy1250/-
89.750Johns Roulette Premium Brandy1560/-
90.750Madison xxx Rum700/-
91.750Combination Matured Dark Rum570/-
92.750Dupleix xo Brandy1360/-
93.750Milestone Vsop Brandy910/-
94.750Old Cruize Matured Superior Cane Rum xxx1080/-
95.750Lord & Master French Grape Brandy880/-
96.750Murano Rum1020/-
97.750Bejois Premium Brandy620/-
98.750Old Habbit Vodka 900/-
99.750Smirnoff Orange Vodka1350/-
100.750Lincoln Premium Brandy1020/-
101.750Ti’s Mansion House Silk Premium Brandy1370/-
102.750Great Napoleon Warrior Finest French Pure Grape Brandy1120/-
103.750Rare Honour Premium Brandy680/-
104.750Chief Executive xxx Rum580/-
105.750Companion Matured xxx Rum740/-
106.750DDL’S Freeze Spearmint Vodka 1120/-
107.750Bonjour Rare Classic Brandy890/-
108.750Nicol’s Coco Carib Coconut Rum1230/-
109.750JB Jonn Breau Vsop Brandy1110/-
110.750Chairman’s Choice Xo Brandy1220/-
111.750Malabar House Premium xxx Rum650/-
112.750Pluton Bay Rare Exotic Rum1240/-
113.750Johns Mont Castle Blended Brandy950/-
114.7501943 Black & Gold Rare Premium 1280/-
115.750Armstrong Premium Coffee Rum850/-
116.750Bull Fighter xxx Rum1010/-
117.750Malabar House Premium Vsop Brandy650/-
118.750Hibiscus Botanical Gin700/-
119.750Normandy’s Daddy Wilson Pure Blended Brandy680/-
120.750Royal Trophy Premium French Brandy870/-
121.750Golden Touch 24 Carat x o Superior French Grape Brandy1090/-
122.750Lemount White Brandy850/-
123.750Magic Blend Reserved xxx Rum740/-
124.750Flip Vodka Coffee700/-
125.750Special Reserve Aristocrat White Rum600/-
126.750Nicol’s Coffee Rum1230/-
127.750Old Port Deluxe Rum510/-
128.750Sikkim Deluxe Musk Brandy810/-
129.750Executivrange Vodka630/-
130.750Muscovy Orange Vodka600/-
131.750Armstrong Superior White Rum1170/-
132.750DDL’S Cantonment xxx Rum850/-
133.750TI’S Madiraa Deluxe xxx Rum620/-
134.750Leroyce Double Gold Premium French Brandy880/-
135.750Muscovy Fine Vodka580/-
136.750The Ware House Matured Superior Grape Brandy VSOP900/-
137.750DDL’S LEO POLD ii Brandy VSOP1530/-
138.750Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka 1330/-
139.750The Ware House Matured Superior Cane Rum Original Deluxe 1020/-
140.750SNJ NO.1 XO Premium Brandy560/-
141.750Bootz Dutch Grape Brandy1220/-
142.750Vinbros Napoleon VSOP French Brandy770/-
143.750Honey Well Grape Brandy610/-
144.750Gallo Classic Premium Brandy920/-
145.750Scarletts Vs Brandy650/-
146.750Oasis Classic Brandy590/-
147.750Bols Brandy Special xo Excellence 1370/-
148.750Special Reserve Aristocrat Rum600/-
149.750Grand Invitation Xo Brandy760/-
150.750William Lawson’s Blended Scotch Whisky2780/-
151.750DDL’S Joan of ARC VS BRANDY850/-
152.750Vorion Classic xxx Rum590/-
153.750MGM Life Style Premium Grape Brandy640/-
154.750Blender’s Choice No.1 Brandy660/-
155.750Friends xxx Rum940/-
156.750Celebrity Premium French Brandy910/-
157.750Special Indian Reserve Wild Tiger Rum1670/-
158.750Bootz Dark Jamaica Rum1180/-
159.750Black Dog Centenary Black Reserve Aged & Rare Blended Scotch Whisky2900/-
160.750Clock Tower Vodka Orange1140/-
161.750MGM Apple Kiz Vodka620/-
162.750King’s Blend Rum680/-
163.750Prado Premium Rum1010/-
164.750Flip Vodka Original 700/-
165.750Daily Dawn Rum830/-
166.750Premium Old Fox XXX Rum660/-
167.750Clock Tower Vodka1070/-
168.750Doc.Paul French Brandy Napoleon Vsop1470/-
169.750MGM General Dark Rum1020/-
170.750Morning Walker’s Xo Brandy830/-
171.750Bull Fighter Premium Flavoured White Rum Green Apple1010/-
172.750Jil Pride Aristocrat Brandy650/-
173.750Old Major Rum790/-
174.750MGM Mango Kiz Vodka590/-
175.750Cutty Sark Blended Scotch Whisky3170/-
176.750Friends V.S.O.P Brandy1070/-
177.750Sikkim xxx Prize Rum810/-
178.750Carnival Grande Premium Xxx Rum490/-
179.750Daily Dawn Brandy830/-
180.750Master’s Imperial French Brandy Napoleon Vsop1810/-
181.750Count Cristo Vintage Brandy790/-
182.750Carnival Grande Premium Brandy490/-
183.750The Grenadier Xxx Rum1250/-
184.750Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Edited6664/-
185750Fine Pure Grain Vodka V20 Premium Smooth Strictly For Adults1150/-
186.750King’s Blend Brandy680/-
187.750Paul John Indian Single Malt Whisky Brilliance 6270/-
188.750Brihan’s xo Premium Brandy670/-
189.750Eristoff Triple Distilled Premium Vodka1250/-
190.750Farmers XXX Rum440/-
191.750Golden Dale VSOP Brandy620/-
192.750Invincible Vodka1810/-
193.750Invincible Orange Vodka1810/-
194.750White Fox Vodka990/-
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