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jack ma’s life advice: So 25 years old Don’t worry any Mistake is that income is a wonderful revenue for you. So I tell My self and told my young people. Before 20 Years old be a good student.
Where does intrapreneur just learn some experience before 30 Years old?
Follow Somebody Go to a small company
Normally in a big company. It is good to learn to process you are a part of a big machine.
But when you go to a small company, You learn the passion you learn the dreams. you learn how to do a lot of things at one time.
So before 30 Years old, it’s not which company you go-it’s which boss you follow. It’s Very important a good boss teaches you differently and Before form 30 to 40 years old you have to think very clearly.
Were you working for yourself?

if you really want to be interpreted when you’re 40 to 50 years old you.
Have to do all the things that you are good at don’t try to drop into the new area.
It’s too late you may be successful, but the rate of dying is too big so 40 to 50.
think about how can focus on things that you are good at but when you are 50 to 60 years old work for young people.
Because young people can do better than you so rely on them invest on them making sure they’re good.
So when yous over 60 or so spend time for yourself on?
the Beach sunshine. Right, it’s a toll late way to change normally but I visit by a device to the young people twenty-five years old.
Make enough mistakes. Don’t worry you fall.
you stand up you fall your step enjoy it. I’m it’s only five years. Oh, it. Enjoyed. Does the show in do it-I?

Didn’t have a rich father who tried three times for university all filled I Apply for however for ten times all filled. They’d only want to see me. for the Last time, I went to the teachers’ college which was Considered the third or four class of my fitting.
To apply for jobs Thirty times I’ll reject it. it was so difficult at that time.
I was so frustrated because I taught in the university my pain was ten dollars a month.
Because I could not find a good job in 1990 foot.
Discussed that I’m going to do something called internet and 23 of them.
I guess that they said this is a stupid idea we have never heard on the internet and you know nothing about computers.
and I never thought I was smart nobody believed that I could be successful.
Because everybody said well this guy thinks differently singer crazily you know the thing about something never worked.

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I try to borrow 3,000 us daughter from the banks took me three months. But I still cannot get it we talked to over 30 or 40 venture capitalists. Everybody said no forget it a Lot of People said Alibaba is a terrible model.
As I said I believe it. I think this thing could be big I never thought you will be that big like today.
I believe that something, something is waiting for me there and I have to work hard to prove myself.
That was a tough experience. so we gather 50,000 us dollars from 18 fighters we started.
For the first three years, we do not have even one dollar revenue from our business.
What’s not easy?
Why does it keep going ahead?

going forward because I received lots of emails of thanks from the customers.
They say this is such a great thing we cannot obtain you.
But this thing’s helped us if you keep on helping us one day you will be successful.
And I believe this little by little we build up our business little by little we’re good about Ecosystem of the Infrastructure and now after 16 years, we have an Alibaba group who have a team or group?
We have a tarball Group where we pay and people said you are so smart, how could you make a company like that?
Bill Gates Warren Buffet the Jack Welch
Very page mark Zuckerberg the difference between those people and other people. They are always optimistic about the future they never complained they always tried to solve the problems of the others.
When you’re up to Mr. It’s always an opportunity.
People same here today, Jeff. Where is the Opportunity I don’t have a job
I don’t have this I don’t have a debt.

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We are at the back to the time of the century the best assets. You have it that you are young.
Don’t complain let the other people complain.
The opportunity Lie always lies where people complain think about how you can make things different. is there anything I can do that makes a difference and Then when you think about this study do it I saw a lot of people young people have a fantastic idea every evening.
But in the morning they go to the opposite again being an entrepreneur you have to do the things before the other people.
Do you have to wake up before the other people wake up you have to be braver than the others?
Use your instinct everything you do is to the need of the customer.
To everybody to any person, tomorrow is new Make the move make the action.
Whether investors believe it is or not whether your friends believe it or not whether your parents believe it or not.
That’s not Important. You believe it your team believes it and work day and night on this that’s how things happen.

Make enough mistakes. You fall you stand up for any mistake. Is that income is a wonderful revenue?
Don’t worry about the money follow the people should follow the dreams.
If you have a dream just go ahead.
I Think nobody can conquer the world we only can serve the world.
Either work for the others or work for yourself, and I choose the way work might for myself.
Working for myself means working for the society of you really want to work with yourself.
Think about the others because only when the other people are successful when the other people are happy you’ll be successful.
You will be happy I think today people worry a lot about the world about the economy china economy in the world and I’m very optimistic.
When people start to worry that that is the opportunity is but I worry about the blood testing and she created Good things and I think great innovations.
Great Company’s always happening in tough times.
Lives like the music you have a pivot down you have longer shot nodes and I like the American movie life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you’re going to get right?
So I’m pretty optimistic.
The opportunity in the future for equality is huge because in the last Century it is for big companies the globalization is for big companies.

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But now with the technology, we can serve that 80% of the companies that have never been served.
We can serve 80% of the young people that never serve.
Technology for the internet is so cheap so easy to use one of the reasons.
why we grow in China e-Commerce so fast much faster than us because our Infrastructure of Commerce in China was too bad.
Why it is too bad something happening goes today? We are working in the rural areas of China. I can never Imagine that in China but 800 million people still live in the rural areas of Farmers and They’re about close to 200 million people.

they are incomes less than one dollar per day and before the internet, it’s impossible for these guys to reach the PC because it’s so difficult to even people like me I don’t know how to use in PC.
but now 80 stand up the farmers those will be using mobile phones when having the mobile phones the internet.
The Date things change a lot, so I’m excited about the future.
people always worry that’s you know
I love the young kids sitting there and talking about their dream their hopes. because if they have hope we have the hope
That’s what I believe.


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