Inside Bucha and Irpin in Russian attack Aftermath

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Inside Bucha and Irpin: The twin towns of Bucha and Irpin. Satellites of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv Are now crime scenes.

Ali Mustafa (TRT World Reporter, Irpin, Bucha)

”You Still have bodies on the streets. But I can’t show you that. It’s very difficult to comprehend what happened or under what circumstances that individual. who is lying sidewalk was killed. Who he was? Keep in mind we have only seen one side of the story. But days later bodies are still on the streets. And you don’t know who or what circumstances these individuals were killed. And why do their remains remain here, many days after the Russians have gone. These were residential blocks and civilians were living there according to Ukrainian officials. walking on all this glass.

source:TRT World

Nothing was spared here. Bore the brunt of whatever fighting took place here. This bullet was like probably, it’s been turned over as a shield and you can tell. They just completely rumbled it. An unaccounted-for number of people were killed between the last week of February. and the first week of April. In the towns of Bucha, Irpin, and elsewhere some of these killings were the result of crossfire. But it’s clear others were targeted. And while one side says the other shares responsibility. there are more stories of what happened here, that we may never know.”

Inside Bucha and Irpin in Russian attack Aftermath

And it’s not just in this location where many unidentified bodies can be found. Seventeen corpses, sealed in body bags, lay on the side of the road. that were not there two days ago when I last visited. So what happened. The view from above offers a clue. We can see a trench, leading to a Russian lookout, fully intact. Less than fifty meters from where the bodies are laid out. Five days after the Russians departed. It’s right next to this bridge littered with abandoned and destroyed vehicles. Leading towards the partially collapsed structure.

source:TRT World

Over the past few weeks, we saw a lot of people trying to cross these areas. The Russians were on one side and the Ukrainians on the other civilians were underneath. trying to make their way cross, crossing those boards right there, beyond that turned-over vehicle. Further down past this bridge to nowhere are more signs of violence. At this residential compound in Bucha which turned into a war zone.

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