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Impact of Social Media in our Life

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Social Media make the world smaller and closer. The virtual world is easily accessible with your fingertip. It is an open platform that makes us connect with people from various corners of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Messenger, and Whatsapp are the instances of Social media(SM). It opens a wide window where we can share our feelings, happiness, and Sadness. Additionally, the news and view from the different parts of the world are displayed on SM. It helps a lot of updates ourselves by providing information about daily life.

SM modes are also helpful in the education sector. People can follow the various educational classes and teachers and get them involved in e-classes. Most People are connected on SM. We can call anyone on social media at a less rate. We can also make new friends, and start a new business by using SM. on this platform, we can easily get different types of customers for our business. we can buy and sell things from here.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our modern life without these SM. However, it also has some reverse effects on our life. Excessive depending on SM makes us detached from Family, Friends, and society. We should execute it in a controlled way to lessen the destructive impact of using Social media.

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Guntur news గుంటూరు: social media లో సాఫ్ట్ వేర్ ఉద్యోగికి వ‌ల‌వేసిన స‌త్తెన‌ప‌ల్లి కి చెందిన దంప‌తులు అత‌ని వ‌ద్ద నుంచి పెళ్లి పేరుతో కోటి Read more

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