how to use mobile banking- safety tips


mobile banking: Gone are the days of going to the banks … standing in line and handling transactions. In the age of smartphones, your mobile bank has become a branch. Are there any precautions to be taken while using this bank?

Using free wifi?

Now free WiFi facility has become a common thing everywhere. This is enough to make use of regular internet services. But, it is best not to touch on transactions related to banking transactions. Confidential technical numbers and other passwords should not be used there. Sometimes these are in danger of falling into the hands of fraudsters.


When it comes to managing banking transactions through mobile phones, the emphasis should be on insurance rather than convenience. Why passwords are known over and over again .. Passwords are selected by phone memorization facility. If the phone remembers the username and password, the problem will be many if the phone goes missing in any unforeseen circumstances.

Phone lock…

Many people are now storing card details, online banking user IDs, passwords, and other personal information on their phones. Catfish are not to be mistaken if anyone else registers these things. If you lose your phone, you’re likely to lose what you’re not aware of. Hence, the phone needs to be locked by a trace pattern or PIN.

Only when I know completely…

Which of my points do you disagree with? It’s hard to figure out what works for you. Once you have identified any app and found out the complete information, you need to download it. Some apps may steal your confidential information. So, caution is not wrong.

Only Authorized Apps …

Use your bank authorized app only for handling banking transactions. Some third-party apps are also getting more and more popular right now. However, it remains to be seen how safe these are.

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