How to be Super Confident

Super Confident: You need to strike a chord with the audience. They must feel that you care, you’re credible and you’re worth listening to. That means leaving no stone unturned when you’re warming up and getting ready. Here’s how you do that.

Super Confident: Know Your Audience

Find out how knowledgeable they are about your subject. Work out how you can help them. Tell them why it’s worth listening to you. If they have an incentive, they’ll feel more engaged. Think of things they can actually relate to. Linking your points to reality gives your messages real meaning and keeps people interested.

Prepare an attention grabber

Great speakers engage people right at the start. So you’ll need an attention grabber. Any one of these will do; ask a question, mention a topical event, use an analogy, deliver a strong quote or refer to an imaginary situation. Try to make your mark right at the beginning. Be different.

Super Confident: Decide on Structure

Keep it simple; beginning, middle and end works best. Then split the middle into sections. Prepare rhetorical questions to start each section and then go on to answer the question yourself. It’s a great way to keep your audience and let them know you’re moving on to a new subject.

Bullet Points

Take time to write out what you plan to say in some detail. Ultimately you should have some simple notes(bullet points) recorded on cards that you can use to guide you while you’re speaking. Writing your notes in detail first and then converting them to bullet points helps you know what they mean!.

Super Confident: Consider Resources

The audience should remember You, not your visual aids, if you’re using PowerPoint, don’t stand next to the screen and real it. Your conversation should be with the audience, not your slides. Familiarise yourself with the room and equipment beforehand. You can’t afford any shocks on the day!.

Be Calm

Everything about you should send a message of calmness and control. You’ll communicate a massive amount through your body language before you’ve even started talking. So walk in calmly, think about your posture, Your shoulders should be back, your chin up and of course, you’re smiling!.

Super Confident: And Finally

Speak as though you mean it. If you’d don’t sound enthused by your subject, don’t expect the audience too. Communicate energy. It’s contagious. Use your facial expressions and body movements to reinforce your enthusiasm. Keep imagining you are an audience member. Would you feel inspired?

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