Core Web Vitals Assessment: Hotel Room Pictures of Drunk Wayne Rooney Go Viral

Hotel Room Pictures of Drunk Wayne Rooney Go Viral

Wayne Rooney: Wayne Rooney was a very famous footballer and he was very talented. He also played for the famous football team Manchester United. Rooney has been married to model Coleen since 2008 and has four sons.

The couple was having problems with their marriage because of his drinking problem. He had decided to quit drinking.

He is also the manager of the Derby County football team. Model Tayler Ryan and her friends Elise Melvin and Brooke Morgan, all 21, had gone to the exclusive Chinawhite club in Manchester, England.

They had gone to the club to celebrate a friend’s birthday on 24th July. In the club, they met footballer Wayne Rooney. Rooney was seen speaking & Hugging a scantily-clad blonde woman.

Rooney then invited the girls to his VIP booth. The girls and Rooney spent a few hours in the club together and then the three girls. Rooney and 2 other friends went to the stay city Hotel. However, while at the hotel the girls took some pictures with Rooney as a prank and posted them on Snapchat.

Now images of him with the girls have gone viral on social media and shocked fans worldwide.

In one photo, a bleary-eyed Rooney is waving a glass of wine in the air. Once Rooney passed out drunk, the girls took pictures of him while he was sleeping on the chair. There was also a picture of a girl sleeping on a bed in her lingerie.

They then danced around him in their lingeries and took pictures as well. One, wearing a thong, flashed her bottom next to Rooney – then posted it on Snapchat. When Rooney woke up the next morning, he quickly left the hotel.

He has made a complaint with the police that the pictures were taken and posted on social media without his permission. Rooney’s friends said that no sexual intercourse took place that night. The three girls were spotted leaving at 12.30 pm and they confirmed they had spent the night with Rooney but refused to go into detail.

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