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Haryana Liquor Price List 2022-23 Table

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Haryana Liquor Price List 2022-23 Table for free using given at the bottom of this article. complete rate list of liquor in Haryana for the year 2022. The Table Includes a complete rate/ price list of all Indian as well as foreign Liquor / Wine brands being sold in Haryana State. Haryana Liquor Rate list 2022 Table at the bottom of this page.

Sr.NoLiquorSize of Bottles-Quart Size of Bottles-Pint Size of Bottles-Nip
1.1Country Liquor (50-degree proof)1609055
1.2Metro Liquor (65-degree proof)1859560
2.1IFL/IMFL (Bottled in origin or in India)
2.1ASuper Premium3000
18 years & above age or spirits of comparable quality
& standards (e.g. Black Dog 18 years & above, etc.)
Scotches / Spirits of 12 Yrs. & above but less than 18
yrs. age or spirits of comparable quality &standards
(Black Dog 12 Yrs, Teacher Highland, etc.)
Scotches / Spirits of 8 Yrs. & above but less than 12
Yrs. Age or spirits of comparable quality & standards
(Black Dog 8 Yrs., Teachers, Black & White, Old
Smuggler, Passport, etc.)
2.2Super Deluxe:850500250
(Antiquity Blue, McDowell’s Single Malt, Blender
Pride Reserve, Rockford Reserve, etc.)
(Antiquity Rare whisky, Sterling Reserve B10,
Signature etc.)
(Signature Whisky, Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi Rum,
Peter Scot, Blenders Pride, Golfer’s Shot, Rockford
Classic etc.)
(Royal Challenge, Royal Stag, McDowell’s No.1
Premium, All Seasons, Royal Green, Sterling Reserve
B7, Discovery Elite, The Hawkston,e, etc.
(McD No. I, AC Black, Whyte Hall, Imperial Blue,
Officer Choice Blue, Magic Moment, etc.)
(New Approved ACP, New Approved AC Old
Reserve, Mughal Monarch, 8 PM, Green Label,
London Duet, Royal Arm, White Mischief, Vodka,
Romanov Vodka, Raffles, Blue Diamond Duet,
Casinos Pride, Old Smuggler, Rum, B R Gin, BP
Gold, DSP Black)
(AC Sek C, AC Extra, Dry Gin, Director’s Special,
Officer’s Choice, Bagpiper, Old Monk Rum, White
House, Royal Crest, Diplomat, Gold Riband, John
Silver Rum, White Lace Gin, B.D.Gin, Silver Grand,
Silver Peg, Bermuda, Blue Moon Gin, etc.)
(Aristocrat, Bonnie Special, Hayward, Golden
Border, Benson, etc.)
(Goldy, Studd, Champion, Rum & Gin, etc.)
2.11In addition to above the minimum retail sale price of
following packs of IMFS (Deluxe Brands& above) is
fixed as under:-
4.5 LitresRs. 2500/
2 LitresRs. 1000/-
1000 ml.Rs. 550/-
700 ml.Rs. 375/-
500 ml.Rs. 300/-
275 ml. (RTB)Rs. 80/-
90 ml.Rs. 60/-
3.1Super Mild Beer containing Alcoholic content up to
Rs. 80/- per bottle of
650 ml.
Rs.65/- per bottle of
330 ml
3.2Mild Beer containing Alcoholic content above 3.5%
and up to 5.5%
Rs. 90/- per bottle of
650 ml.
Rs.75/- per bottle of
330 ml
3.3Strong Beer containing
Alcoholic content above 5.5%
Rs. 100/- per bottle
of 650 ml.
Rs. 85/- per bottle of
330 ml
3.4Canned Beer
a. Super MildRs.80 per 500 ml can
b. MildRs.90 per 500 ml can
c. StrongRs.100 per 500 ml

Categorization, as approved by the department at the time of registration of brand labels, will be applicable. For the purpose of categorization, the DETC(Excise) concerned shall indicate the category in which a particular label of the brand shall be approved at the time of sending his/ her recommendation for the approval of the label of the brand.

The retail sale Licence shall be automatically suspended on detection of breach of conditions of minimum retail sale rates for the day of detection and two days following it. The Vend Shall be sealed by DETC (Excise) for this period with prior Intimation to Excise & Taxation Commissioner and Excise Collector. The sealing of the vend shall be in addition to any other penal proceedings under the Law that may be initiated.

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