French Presidential Election

French Presidential Election 2022: The Frontrunners

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French Presidential Election 2022: France is set to vote on April 10 For the first round of presidential elections with a total of 12 presidential candidates standing in the race. Here are some of the candidates who are in the spotlight.

French Presidential Election 2022:

Emmanuel Macron

Macron, who was once labelled the ‘President of the rich is seeking a new term following his five-year run. Macron’s term was fraught with controversial policies toward ethnic and religious identities. including the closing of mosques and limiting the freedoms of Muslim women, His term also saw economic concerns among the working class with ongoing yellow vest protests for years. As part of his presidential campaign. Macron vows to provide tax cuts and reform the welfare system. In his previous term Macron provided tax cuts to big businesses and the wealthy elite.

Jean luc Melenchon

Melenchon is a leftist candidate and has recently enjoyed growing support. Some have labelled him a ‘populist’ as he supports same-sex marriage, women’s rights abortion, and the legalisation of cannabis. The 70 – year-old argues that France ‘ is not the far right. but is intead about social security, public health emancipation, school, research, and sharing. Melenchon advocates for the redistribution of wealth to rectify existing socioeconomic inequalities. and is an outspoken critic of the EU.

Marine Le pen

Le Pen is a far-right candidate who is running for the third time. She is the daughter of Jean Maria Le Pen. who is a former leader of the National Front. a party with a reputation for discrimination and antisemitism. In the past, Marine Le Pen had vowed to remove France from the EU and ditch the euro. but has recently softened her tone to appeal to mainstream voters. Le Pen is strongly against immigration but sets a double standard by saying she welcomes Ukrainian refugees. In 2015 she was put on trial for charges of inciting racial hatred after comparing Muslim Prayers to the Nazi occupation.

Eric Zemmour

Zemmour is a far-right ultra-nationalist. who has been a TV pundit on a far-right French channel. and was previously convicted of racist hate speech. He is the son of Jewish Algerian – Berber immigrants. but has a harsh stance against immigrants and foreigners. and says Zero immigration is a ‘commitment’ for him. Zemmour wanted to ban Muslim names and names like Kevion or Jordan. and has called unaccompanied minors in France robbers, murderers, and rapists. He has targeted French media as ‘a propaganda machine that hates France’. and wants to impose strict controls over Muslim religious leaders.

Anne Hidalgo

Hidalgo is a Spanish-French politician. She has been serving as the Mayor of Paris since 2014. and intends to tackle climate change and global warming. Hidalgo wants to reach 100 percent renewable energy without relying on nuclear power. and wants to increase access to mental health support. She also intends to send more interns to health facilities lacking medical staff. Furthermore, Hidalgo aims to grant 16-year- olds the rights to vote. and wants to extend paternity leave to sixteen weeks.

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