EI Salvador Cracks Down on Gangs

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EI Salvador Cracks Down on Gangs: Many people in EI Salvador are struggling to escape poverty. So some young men see their way out is to join a gang. The power of these gangs is growing, along with murder, drug trafficking, and extortion.

EI Salvador Cracks Down on Gangs

Jaime Rivas (Public Security Expert)
Gangs are true international crime societies and then only goal is the increase maximize the.

Less than two weeks ago the country went from an average of two violent deaths a day to nearly 70 murders in less than 48 hours. President Nayib Bukele quickly reacted by asking Congress to declare Marshall law. something that was granted the same day, since his party has an overwhelming majority. And the parliament enacted a law to ‘punish anyone who shares information about gangs with up to 15 years in prison’ including journalists.

”Well, I am Ok with all of this because I have been threatened by gangs”. ”I am no longer afraid of getting mugged or kidnapped”. ”I commute from very far every day and I have been mugged several times but that hasn’thappened for a while, so it’s a big relief”.

Army and Police have arrested thousands of people in a push to regain control of densely populated areas. that have been gang territory for decades.

Francis Merino (EI Salvador Defence Minister)
We are well above the 7000 arrestes and that is very positive.

This number implies further strain on the prison system that is already more than 25% above its capacity.

Nayib Bukele (EI Salvador President)
We keep them without mattresses, sleeping on the floor overcrowded, and if they try to play us for fools instead of two meals a day they will get zero meals a day.

Both national and international Organisations have voiced their concerns about the possibility of human rights violations.

Apolonio Tobar (Human Rights Attorney)
There have been no complaints of any action from authorities that escape the rule of law.

Every prison in EI Salvador in under emergency lockdown. this means inmates only get two meals a day no visitors and no time outside their cells.

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