Core Web Vitals Assessment: Couple Issues Strict Rules for Wedding Guests

Couple Issues Strict Rules for Wedding Guests

Couple Issues: A wedding day is supposed to be one of the most important days in a person’s life and people leave no stone unturned to make it perfect.

Couples spend on Function, food, and venue to make sure their wedding is perfect.

However, there was one couple who went a little too far. The name of the couple and where they are from is not known.

But they had prepared a list of rules for their wedding guests. The couple’s wedding planner shared a list of Dos & Don’ts via email to all the guests.

A screenshot of the email was posted on the Reddit Website. People were amused by it.

The rules have clear instructions on what the guests can or cannot wear at the function and the wedding planner asks guests to not wear white, cream, or ivory color for the day.

Only a bob cut or ponytail hairstyle was allowed. A lot of makeup is not allowed for women. Guests are not allowed to use Facebook or any other social media until instructed.

When guests are given permission to share images on Social Media, They have to use a special hashtag.

Guests are not allowed to spoke to the bride and they are not allowed to take pictures or videos during the wedding.

In the comments, people were laughing at the couple and said they would not attend such a wedding.

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