China Running ‘BLACK SITE’ for Uyghurs in Dubai?… Detainee Claims Beijing Has A ‘Secret Jail’

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BLACK SITE: China is allegedly running black sites in Dubai to detain its dissidents, corruption suspects, or Uyghurs.

A young Chinese woman was allegedly held for 8 days at a villa converted into a jail in Dubai.

The woman said that the Chinese – run secret detention facility also housed two other prisoners who were both Uyghurs.

This perhaps comes as the first evidence that China is operating a so-called ”Black site” beyond its borders.

What Happened at THE BLACK SITE?

The 26-year-old identified as Wu Huan was on the run to avoid extradition back to China.

The woman was allegedly detained because her fiance was considered a Chinese dissident.

Wu’s fiance, Wang Jingyu is wanted by china because of his critical views on Chinese media coverage of the 2019 Hong Kong protests.

He has also raised questions on china’s actions at the border with India.

On April 5, Wang was arrested in Dubai after which Wu started giving interviews to seek help.

Wu told news agency AP that she was later abducted from a hotel in Dubai and detained at the secret jail.

Reports also quote her saying that she was threatened and forced to sign legal documents incriminating her fiance.

She was later released on June 8 and is now seeking asylum in the Netherlands with her fiance.

However, the news agency has cautioned that it couldn’t independently verify Wu’s claims.


China’s Foreign Ministry has denied Wu Human claims.

Hua Chunying – Spokesperson, Chinese Foreign Ministry: What I can tell you is that the situation the person talked about is not true.

Meanwhile, Dubai Police said that Wu Huan’s claims of being detained by local authorities are false.

Dubai Government office media- Dubai does not detain any foreign nationals without following internationally accepted procedures and local law enforcement processes, nor does it allow foreign governments to run any detention centers within its borders.

Dubai also follows all recognized global norms and procedures set by international organizations like Interpol in the detainment, interrogation, and transfer of fugitives sought by foreign governments.


Black sites are secret jails where prisoners are not charged with a crime and have no legal recourse with no bail or court order.

Though Black sites are common in China; Wu’s statement is the only testimony that Beijing has set one up in another country.

However, Wu could not point out the exact location of the site in Dubai.

Reports say China is using its international clout to detain its citizens in BLACK SITES.


Reports suggest Dubai has a history of being a place where Uyghurs are interrogated before being deported back to China.

Several activists have claimed that Dubai itself has been linked to secret interrogations involving other countries.

Besides the UAE, many other countries have cooperated with china in sending Uyghurs back.

In 2015, Thailand repatriated over 100 Uyghurs to China.

In 2017, Egypt detained hundreds of Uyghur students and residents and sent them back to China.

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