Stefan Banach Google Doodle

Stefan Banach Google Doodle | Who was Stefan Banach?

Stefan Banach Google Doodle | Google Doodle Celebrates the Life and legacy of Polish Mathematician Stefan Banach. Stefan Banach was an original member of The Lviv School of Mathematics and one of the most influential Mathematicians of the 20th century. Here’s everything you need to know about Banach. Banach was an original Member of the […]

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Social Media

Impact of Social Media in our Life

Social Media make the world smaller and closer. The virtual world is easily accessible with your fingertip. It is an open platform that makes us connect with people from various corners of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Messenger, and Whatsapp are the instances of Social media(SM). It opens a wide window where we can share […]

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Where to play Anzac Day Game two-up in Canberra | Canberra times

Two-up is back all over Canberra on Anzac Day, following the dawn service and early morning breakfasts. Bars, restaurants, clubs, and hotels are running the game in the early afternoon, alongside other Anzac Day events.The Canberra Sevices club and the Belconnen Labor Club are holding two-up games for the first time since the Pandemic began. […]

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Liverpool’s Merseyside derby hero Divock Origi Our ‘Best Finisher’ Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp Calls Divock Origi ”World Class” As He Discusses Future Of Liverpool ”Legend” Jurgen Klopp hailed Divock Origi as a Liverpool ”Legend” after the striker produced another derby-winning cameo against Everton. Origi Played the final hour of Sunday’s 2-0 win at Anfield, Scoring his Side’s second goal after being involved in the build-up to […]

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kirit somaiya

Shiv Sena Workers attacked me, tried to kill me says BJP Leader Kirit Somaiya

informed center about an attack on me: BJP’S Kirit Somaiya | Hindustan Times BJP leader Kirit Somaiya on Saturday night alleged an attack by shiv Sainiks when he had gone to meet the Rana couple arrested in Mumbai. In Mumbai, the Bjp vs Shiv Sena political battle continues for a second straight day hours after […]

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Strandbeest Evolution Video 2021

Strandbeest Evolution Video 2021: Theo Jansen is Engaged in Creating new Forms of life

Strandbeest Evolution Video 2021 | Theo Jansen is engaged in creating new forms of life, the so called strandbeets. skeletons made from yello plastic tube (Dutch Electricity Pipe) are able to walk and get their energy from the wind. They have evolved since their inception in 1990 and have been divided in to 12 periods […]

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Google Doodle

Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Naziha Salim | One of Iraq’s best-known artists

Google Doodle: Najiha Salim was born in 1927 into a family of artists. She studied art at the Fine Arts Institute in Baghdad and The Ecole Nationale Superieure Art. Najiha Salim, an Iraqi painter, is one of the most influential artists in Iraq’s art scene. Google Doodle Pays Tribute to Naziha Salim Search giant Google […]

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What’s Happening in Pakistan?

Pakistan: Tens of thousands of supporters of Pakistan’s former prime minister, Imran Khan took to the streets across several major cities to protest their leader’s ousting from power. Overseas Pakistanis also staged rallies in other countries like the UK, US, Australia, and the UAE. What are the protests about? Imran Khan was removed from power […]

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Macron's Laws

French Muslims Worried By Macron’s Laws

Macron’s Laws: It was a bill designed according to the Government to reinforce French egalitarian values. Introduced by President Macron in 2020, to combat what he called a growing sense of separatism in some communities. Emmanuel Macron (French President) ”There is a desire, Openly Stated, a methodical organization which aims to break the rules of […]

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Nuclear Bunkers Even 2 km Deep No Match for Tactical Nukes

China Tests Impact Of Nuclear Bunker-Busting Weapons. Research shows vulnerability of Underground Facilities. Current Safety Standards for Nuclear Bunkers Obsolete?. Chinese researchers claim that defence facilities built at extreme depths may not be as safe as previously thought. The researchers found engineers who built these bunkers serverely underestimated the actual impact of nuclear weapons. China […]

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Bombshell biography reveals

Bombshell biography reveals Prince William’s strange relationship with Diana

Bombshell biography reveals: An upcoming book, The Palace Papers, promises to reveal the dramatic dynamic shared between Diana, Princess of Wales, and her son Prince William. According to author Tina Brown, Prince William was always involved in the details of his mother’s tense relationships, and was entrusted with the particulars of her life. Tina Brown […]

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Inside Bucha and Irpin in Russian attack Aftermath

Inside Bucha and Irpin: The twin towns of Bucha and Irpin. Satellites of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv Are now crime scenes. Ali Mustafa (TRT World Reporter, Irpin, Bucha) ”You Still have bodies on the streets. But I can’t show you that. It’s very difficult to comprehend what happened or under what circumstances that individual. who […]

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Sabina Nessa

Killer Jailed for Life For Sabina Nessa’s Murder

Sabina Nessa’s Murder: A garage worker who attacked primary school teacher Sabina Nessa. as she walked through a London park has been jailed for life for her murder. Koci Selamaj, 36, was told by a judge he will serve. at least 36 years for the ”SAVAGE” sexually motivated attack. His sentencing heard how Ms. Nessa […]

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China JL-10 Drops 500kg Bombs in Training Drills

China JL-10 Drops 500kg Bombs in Training Drills: China Conducts Live-Fire Training Drills with JL-10. Advanced trainer Jet Drops 500- KG Bombs for First Time. Will JL-10’s Bombing Prowess Attract More Foreign Buyers? China JL-10 Drops 500kg Bombs in Training Drills China has showcased the JL-10’s prowess in complex drills, just over a month after […]

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French Presidential Election

French Presidential Election 2022: The Frontrunners

French Presidential Election 2022: France is set to vote on April 10 For the first round of presidential elections with a total of 12 presidential candidates standing in the race. Here are some of the candidates who are in the spotlight. French Presidential Election 2022: Emmanuel Macron Macron, who was once labelled the ‘President of […]

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Turkish tourism

Turkish tourism bounces back from Pandemic

Turkish tourism: Secluded coves, golden sands, azure waters. It’s beloved destination for millions of tourists every year. But those charmed places were virtually empty when the COVID-19 Pandemic truck down the tourism industry worldwide in 2020. Now finally with the easing of restrictions, Turkiye is anticipating a bumper tourism season. and hoping to exceed pre-pandemic […]

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Israeli Police

Israeli Police Violence rises in Jerusalem

Israeli police have arrested and wounded dozens as Palestinians began gathering at Damascus Gate. after-night prayers on the second night of Ramadan. Officers used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse the crowds as police claim. people were ”rioting and attacking officers,” Jordan’s King has urged for calmness in a phone call with Israeli Prime […]

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What Explains The Huge Damage To Captured Russian T72S?

Russia’s Tank Losses Mounting in Ukraine War. Shattered T72S Catch Attention of Experts. T-72 Takes a Pounding Because of its Design? Russia’s equipment losses in the Ukraine war have far exceeded the expectations of military analysts. Over 2,300 Russian military vehicles have been destroyed, abandoned, or captured by Ukrainian forces. as per open-source data alone. […]

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Serbia Election

Serbia Election 2022: Serbia Votes under Russia vs Eu Cloud

Serbia Election 2022: Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, just a few days away from elections. This is just one of many protests to take place across the country in the past few weeks, in support of Russia in its conflict with Ukraine. And for President Aleksandar Vucic and his ruling Serbian Progressive Party Criticism is […]

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Sri Lanka

Emergency in Sri Lanka Amid Economic Crisis

Emergency in Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared a nationwide state of Emergency on April 1. The move came after an angry mob tried to storm the President’s house over the country’s worst Economic crisis in decades. Rajapaksa invoked laws allowing the military to arrest and imprison suspects for long periods without trial. […]

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Smita Singhal

Smita Singhal: Turning Sewage Into Drinkable Tap Water

The very though of drinking water from a roadside gutter can be disturbing. But to Smita Singhal from Delhi, the Idea makes perfect sense. Smitha’s firm Absolute water runs 100% sustainable plants that are able to filter enough sewage to produce one lakh liters of clean, usable water a day. By turning sewage water into […]

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Taliban raises flag

Taliban raises flag in Kabul as international community addresses humanitarian crisis

Taliban raises flag in Kabul as international community addresses humanitarian crisis: Taliban members gathered in Kabul for a flag-raising ceremony. The Arabic words say, ‘There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger’. On the same day, the UN said the country’s humanitarian situation had ‘deteriorated alarmingly‘. Jalal Anas (Taliban Member) I cannot […]

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Will Smith

Will Smith Resigns from the Academy: ”I am heartbroken”

Will Smith Resigns from the Academy: ”I am heartbroken”: Days after winning his first Oscar, Will Smith has announced his resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The 53-year-old star made the announcement on social media, calling his actions at the 94th Academy Awards ”shocking, painful and inexcusable”. Will Smith Resigns from […]

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Holy Month

Iranians gear up for Holy Month after two years of restrictions

Iranian Bazaars are buzzing with people excitedly going shopping following the last two subdued Ramadans. And this year, the holy month comes immediately after the Nowruz holidays so there are now two good reasons to go shopping. And while there is a more positive vibe in the air years of US sanctions have taken their […]

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