Best Motivation: life is not always easy

Best Motivation

Best Motivation: Life is not always easy. In fact, some of you today, you’re here and you’re going through. The toughest season on you life. There will be seasons where we will suffer, there will be seasons of real pain. And the question is, how will you respond in those moments?.(Best Motivation)

What do you do When your battle Chooses you?

What do you do. When something shows up on your door step. that you did not directly cause choose, or definitely anticipate? Just because you feel afraid. doesn’t mean to you have to be afraid just because you feel discouraged, doesn’t mean you have to be discouraged. Just because you have fear doesn’t mean fear has to have you. Never give up.

Because skill can’t get your pas certain thaings, quickeness, agility can’t, you gotta have mental toughness. pain ain’t permanent. your pain ain’t permanent. you can get through this. You’re bigger than your pain, You’re better than that I say to people, you’ve got to emancipate in your own rescue. you got to, retool yourself.There are no skillsets in community to collages today for the most part. that are going to prepare you for the economoy or a job that’s there so what is that going to do?

You’re just going to waste more money, more time. We need to retool ourselves, The government’s not going to do it for you. and even when you’re struggling, even when you’re discouraged and you feel like other people, have given up on you Don’t ever give up on yourself. someone said we have two prmary choices in life. We can either accept conditions as they exits. or we can take the reponsibility to change them. see a lot of people want to exempt themselves want to exempt themselves from taking responsibility.

All they want to do is talk about the problem. Every time you see them, they’ll tell you their story over and over and over and over again. you gonna work through this you gonna set up, you gonna get dressed, you gonna get out, and you gonna do what you’ve been called to do, you gonna be what you’ve been called to be and you’re gonna prove to everybody that tried to break you.

Everybody that tried to stop you, Everybody that tried to kill you dream. you’re gonna prove all of them wrong. Just keep coming back. If you got nothing left go give, just show back up. Half of life man is just showing up. And I’m telling you right now, don’t give up. I’m telling you right now. Don’t give in. Get through it. And if you can get through it, if you can work through your pain, I’m guaranteening you on the other side is a reward pain is not permanent pain is temporary.

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