Beauty Face Mask: How to Wear Mask Without Smudging Lipstick

Beauty Face Mask

Beauty Face Mask: As women, many of us love to wear makeup but since masks were made mandatory, they became on the mask and no one can see our face. Despite this many women became creative.

instead of doing makeup on the full face, people would use kajal, eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow to accentuate their eyes.

women keep their eyebrows perfect so the top half of their face looks attractive. During the strict lockdown, women did this on a regular basis.

However, now restrictions have become less and offices have opened and women have started going back to their original lives. But there has been a struggle with masks and makeup.

Many of you might get irritated to see foundation and lipstick stains on your mask. In this video, we give you a few tips to deal with his problem.

Use matte lipstick. This will ensure the lipstick does not smudge. Avoid gloss or satin finish lipstick.

if you do not have matte lipstick, wear your normal lipstick and set it with a light dusting of compact powder. It will become matte and move.

Dark colors will smudge. Instead, opt for light colors. Always blot your lipstick with a tissue after applying. If possible, wait till your destination and then apply lipstick.

This will prevent any Smudging. We all want to look beautiful and presentable but remember safety is always a priority. So be safe and always wear a mask when in public.

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