At least 59 were killed by floods in Germany after record rainfall lashes western Europe


floods in Germany: Record rainfall has caused deadly floods in western Europe.

Germany saw its worst mass loss of life in years as floods killed at least 59 people.

Houses were smashed by moving water.

Roads were blocked by wreckage and fallen trees.

Klaus radermacher (Schuld resident)
“We have had two or three days of constant rain. Or maybe four, I lost track. And yesterday from 4 pm onwards, the water started bursting over riverbanks. I saw the plaza store get flooded, half an hour later the bakery was flooded and from then things happened very suddenly. Up there is a camping ground, caravans and camper vans were floating past, gas tanks and then water kept rising throughout the night. We were powerless against it. it came so fast, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Germany’s biggest power distribution company said about 200,000 homes lost electricity.

Helicopters have been busy rescuing people stranded on rooftops.

Hundreds of soldiers have been deployed to clear roads of landslides.

Germany’s vice-chancellor blamed the floods on climate change.

Olaf Scholz (Vice-Chancellor, Germany)
“The fact that this natural disaster is taking place in this way is certainly connected to the fact that climate change is progressing at a speed that we have observed for a while. That must be another incentive, and also an obligation to all those who have become victims here, for us to do everything we can to stop man-made climate change and prevent disasters on this scale, as much as we can.”

Downpours also caused deadly floods in Belgium and forced evacuations in The Netherlands

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Michael Aherend (Ahrweiler resident)
“It is not a war, it’s just nature hitting back. and we should finally start listening to it.”


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