As rains ease in Central China, 3 million people still struggling with the effects of deadly Flooding

deadly Flooding: 1 year’s worth of rain poured down on this area in Central China in Just 3 days.

Devastating floods killed at least 33 people and left 8 others missing across Henan Province.

Weather forecasters say the heavy rain is starting to ease.

But more than 3 million people are still struggling to pick up the pieces.

Mrs. Song ( Flood victim)

”We don’t have water to drink now, and we don’t have electricity. Mobile phone service only resumed today. I really don’t know what to say. I’ve lost my shop. I’ve lost my home. Everything’s gone.”

Some residents are still reeling from the extreme weather event.

Cheng Dalong(Flood victim)

”If the river had not burst its banks, I think we might have been able to stop the flooding because we activated our flood – prevention plan for the compound as soon as possible. All of a sudden, the river came over the dyke and the current was massive. I went down to the ground floor to take photos. I didn’t dare go out any further when I realised how strong the flow was,but the water still knocked me down. I realsed my phone and ended up sitting on the ground. The water was still shallow, but it washed away my shoes.”

Direct economic losses from the disaster are estimated at 1.22 billion yuan *US$ 188.5 million)

Yang Yanling(Flood victim)

”I was very nervous and couldn’t sleep. Even in the middle of the night, whenever theard someone shout, I would immediately get up and go to the window to look. Can the government take care of us? Whe have lost so much. What should we do?.”

Some hotels have offered free shelter while others cut their room rates to help survivors.

Local residents also say grocery stores in most communities have not raised prices.

But water supplies and electricity remain cut off in many areas.

Some shops are providing water and charging mobile phones for free.

Weather forecasters consider rainfall ‘ectreme’ if 100mm(4in) or more rain falls in 1 hour.

The provincial capital Zhengzhou was hit with 200mm (8in) of rain per hour at one point.

The deluge was bigger tha the one that caused deadly floods in Germany a week earlier.

The UN has blamed climate change for a rise in extreme weather incidents around the World.

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