Anti-Lockdown Protests

Anti-Lockdown Protests Rage In Australia Amid Delta Driven Surge. Who’s Behind The Riots?

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Anti-Lockdown Protests: Who is Behind Australia’s Anti- Lockdown Protests?

A German cell allegedly Coordinating rallies.

Protests & Clashes in Covid Hotspot areas seen in Sydney.

On July 24, thousands of protesters took to the streets in Sydney demanding an end to lockdown enforcement.
Protesters violated Covid restrictions, chanting slogans of ‘Freedom‘ in an area that was declared a Covid hotspot.

Nearly 60 people were Arrested, over 500 were fined.

While anti-vaccination sentiments were at the forefront in Brisbane, Melbourne protests echoed with anti-lockdown slogans.

Who is Arranging these Anti-Lockdown Protests?

Experts believe the protests are managed by a loose coalition of far-right, conspiracy, and libertarian groups.

However, a German-based conspiracy group named ‘Worldwide Demonstration’ is the main coordinator.

The group has reportedly coordinated anti-lockdown protests across the globe, including Australia.

Anti-Lockdown Protests?

  • Nationalists
  • Sovereign Citizens
  • Anti – Vaccination Groups like Reignite
  • Followers of Conspiracy Movement QAnon
  • Trump Followers
  • Small Business Owners

Posts about the rallies in Australia first appeared on the group’s main Telegram account on June 26.

Messages about the ‘Australia Freedom Rally’ were further disseminated by local groups and influencers.

What we know about ‘Worldwide Demonstration’

The group reportedly has 45,000 Facebook Followers and 70,000 Telegram Subscribers on its main accounts.

The Group which reportedly operates from Germany has a dedicated account set up for individual countries.

Those operating the group call themselves ‘Freie Burger Kassel’ or the ‘Free Citizens of Kassel”.

The group’s main Facebook page is administered by two Germans and an individual in the UK.

The various Facebook and Telegram pages of the group are filled with anti-vaccine and Covid-19 conspiracy theories.

Protests Organised By ‘Worldwide Demonstration’ :

129 Protests around the world in March 2021,

at least 124 Protests in May 2021.

What is the Situation in Australia?

Australian authorities have re-imposed lockdowns across the country amid a surge in new infections.

Delta Variant Failed Australian Strategies of :

  • Border closures
  • Quarantine Programmes
  • Snap Lockdowns

Less than 14% of People Vaccinated in Australia.

Nearly 13 million people or half of Australia’s population are back under lockdown.

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