Afghanistan: Women pick up weapons against the Taliban in Ghor


Afghanistan: Afghan women take up arms against the Taliban. Women chant anti – Taliban slogans in a show of defiance. Women have taken up guns in northern and central Afghanistan in a show of rebellion against the Taliban. Hundreds of women took to the streets, waved guns, and chanted anti – Taliban slogans. One of the biggest demonstrations was held in central Ghor province in Afghanistan. Many women were reportedly even willing to go to the battlefields to fight. The demonstration indicates how frightened women are about what the Taliban rule could mean for them.

”Their worst fear is that they will disrespect them, they will use them, abuse them or molest them or whatever, and also they will kill them. And then there is one of them that is afraid that her two children. will be taken by their father because their father is a Taliban here.”

-Mahbouba Seraj (Female rights activist)

Why are women afraid of the taliban?

As US troops gradually pull out of the war-torn country after 20 years, the Taliban is slowly extending its control in Afghanistan.
According to reports, the Taliban is back to imposing its hardline Islamist rule in areas it has gained control over.

Afghan local: I’m not feeling good because if they come back to Afghanistan, we have lost all of these rights to go out or even go out of the home.

Afghan local: I don’t like the scarf, but I can feel like it. If the Taliban come, I have to wear a scarf, and it’s awful for me.

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Afghan local: I think it’s definitely going to get worse.

Student: I’m scared a lot. whenever I leave my house, I’m scared. my cousin and uncle died in an explosion. Almost everyone here has experienced death.

Rules imposed by Taliban

-women are forbidden from working

-women restricted from going out unaccompanied

-Girls pulled out of schools

-Enforced restrictive dress code

-Restricted access to medical care

The Taliban has reportedly perpetrated violence against women, including rape, abduction, and forced marriage.

As the Taliban gains more power with the exit of foreign troops, there is fear and panic among the public that the worst is yet to come.

However, this is not the first time that women of Ghor have taken up arms against the Taliban.
In August 2020, a teenager had made headlines after she gunned down two Taliban soldiers who killed her parents.

According to reports, Ghor women will join hands with the Afghan security personnel in their fight against the Taliban.

Afghanistan slipping into the hands of Taliban.

Recently, the Taliban captured districts in Badakhshan and Kandahar Provinces.

Ghor women

The Taliban militants claim they now control about a quarter of nearly 400 districts in Afghanistan.

The Taliban has gradually also seized dozens of armored vehicles and artillery systems.

Violence in the country has been on the rise as the Taliban Seizes one district after another.
Us troops are set to complete withdrawal by September 2021 as promised by US President Joe Biden.


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