Afghanistan Crisis 2021: Indian Embassy Staff Safely Land In India

Afghanistan Crisis 2021: The Kabul airport is currently being operated by Americans. Air Traffic Control is under their supervision. A senior official in the Indian Government told NDTV that it was a very difficult task to evacuate the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

He said, ”The initial plan was to evacuate everyone together. On August 16, a group carrying 45 Indians managed to reach the airport & take the flight but the other two groups containing 80 staff of the embassy were asked to go back by the Taliban. The staff then had to remain inside the Indian Embassy for 36 hours.

They were not allowed to leave the building. The movement of nationals of other countries was not restricted. The government of India then spoke to Russia and requested them to talk to the Taliban.

Russia then persuaded the Taliban to let the embassy staff go to the airport. The Taliban escorted our people to the airport including our ambassador. After reaching the airport, The Staff boarded the flight and landed safely in Jamnagar, Gujarat.”

The issue of concern now is that although India has managed to bring its embassy staff, including their weapons, many armored vehicles belonging to the Indian Army were left parked at the Kabul airport.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said. ”Although many countries are operating their missions from the airport, India has closed all its embassies in Afghanistan.

Talks are in progress and when Kabul airspace opens, Indian planes will be sent to bring back all Indians.” As the US military and others continued evacuation flights, Afghans swarmed over the international airport’s tarmac.

The image of a United States Air Force aircraft packed with 640 people went viral on social media. Defense officials have said the plane was not intending to carry so many people, however, panicked Afghans rushed into the open ramp of the aircraft to flee the country.

Instead of asking them to get off, the crew made the decision to take off for Qatar. In another news, that will shock you, human remains were found in the landing wheels of the US Air Force’s aircraft that took off from Kabul amid the chaos at the airport.

Another viral video shows members of the Taliban inside of what appears to be a gym, trying out weightlifting, the treadmill, and other exercising equipment at a gym purportedly inside Kabul’s presidential palace.

There were also videos of the Taliban Fighters, some of them with weapons in hand, enjoying a ride on the electric bumper cars. After taking over the country, the Taliban released prisoners from the Pul – e – Charkhi prison in Kabul.

Many of the released prisoners had earlier been working with the terrorist group ISIS & AI – Qaeda. Many countries in the world are not happy with the Taliban taking control over Afghanistan however, countries like China, Pakistan & Russia are supporting the Taliban. Russia even said that Afghanistan is now safer after the Taliban assumed control.

After assuming control of the country the Taliban on 17 August told all government officials to resume work without any fear. Though residents reacted cautiously and few women took to the streets. They announced that if anyone has worked against the Taliban in the past, everyone will be forgiven.

However schools and universities remain closed, few women openly took to the streets and men had shed their western clothes for traditional garb. People in the country are extremely scared.

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