Actor Aishwarya Rajesh Real Story

Actor Aishwarya Rajesh Real Story: Aishwarya Rajesh is an Indian actress who works primarily in Tamil films, alongside Telugu and Malayalam films. She is a recipient of four SIIMA Awards, one Filmfare Award South, and one Tamil Nadu State Film Award.

I am Aishwarya Rajesh. I’m a lower-middle-class girl. My father died when I Was eight years old. So it was my mother who actually took care of everything.

My First brother passed away when I was twelve. He died because he was in a relationship with a girl. And then after a few years, my second brother was doing his hotel management at SRM College. And then he got a job.

And then my mom was so happy. And you know, it happens like, okay, somebody is there. Then happened another tragedy. He died in a road accident. It was very hard. My mom was gone. She was totally gone. She also gives up. like, it all happened.

Every girl, when they see some situation like this, they want to really support their family. So I was doing my 11th Standard. In Chennai, there’s ‘Besant Nagar’.

If you’ve been to Chennai, you’ll definitely know ‘Besant Nagar’ because of a very, very famous place. So there is a supermarket. So I was standing in our supermarket. and there’s a Cadbury chocolate. So I’ll have to catch all the customers. Who is coming inside the supermarket?

And I earned two hundred and twenty-five rupees. I was hosting birthday parties where I could get 5,000, 1,000, 1,500 rupees. And I was like, so happy getting like, ”Okey, 5,000 rupees a month”.

But is it sufficient to run a family, to support my mom?
It’s not, right? So I decided to get into serials (Tv Serials). And then they said, okay, ”You’ll have a monthly five to six days of the shoot.” So how will that money be even sufficient? So then I asked my mom,
Why are these other actors getting rs20,000 rs25,000?

How is it even possible?
So my mom said, ”you have to do movies for that.” So you’ll get bigger money if you act in movies, if your movies are good, If you get recognized, then you’ll get more money.
So then I started trying for movies. The first movie I did was ‘Avargalum lvargalum’. which didn’t do well. So I had to face so many criticisms.

There are few directors who actually told me, Which means I’m no hero in a material at all.
Then I didn’t get any opportunity for almost two, three years. After some time, I acted in a film called ‘Attakathi’ a small role ‘Amudha’. Then People started recognizing me.

And then what changed my life is this one film called ‘Kaaka Muttai.’ So in cinema, we always hear only one thing, Which is sexual harassment, But it was not only sexual harassment but also my color, my complexion, the way I look.

Maybe they didn’t take me because I was talking in Tamil. And one thing I learned from that I was not a great performer. Every today, I’m not a great performer, I keep learning. I keep learning from each and every.

But when I look into my performance, I’m never satisfied. I could have done even better. So I always try to learn from each and every director Every film. Every film taught me so many things. like I started doing so many female-centric films.

And I have almost six to seven films, which I am playing here in the film. So it’s just that I believe myself. Guys, nobody supported me. Trust me. Nobody supported me.
It was only me who supported myself. When I didn’t get an opportunity to act or people actually criticized me for my color, my personality. I have faced so many criticisms, including sexual harassment.

It’s very important all women have to protect. It is in your hand that you have to protect yourself. Nobody is going to come like Superman or Superhero is going to come and protect you.
So we have to protect ourselves. So I have struggled all my life by myself. And I think if I Can do it, anybody here can do it. I always believed in myself. I think we all should believe in Ourselves, and we should never be dependent on anybody.

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