Abhinav Bindra gold medal philosophy

Abhinav Bindra

Abhinav Bindra gold medal: Is there a god? Or not? I do not know. But for those who believe in God, His egg will be. This is what I understand from the experiences of others. I do not even know what spiritual practice is. All I knew was my athleticism. What I do on a daily basis is my shooting practice. I practice shooting for six hours every day. That is my meditation. The bullets I use are my spells.

Abhinav Bindra gold medal philosophy

I believe in my power. Nothing is possible without practice, perseverance and effort. God bless those who do not. God’s grace must be attached to human achievement, but it is difficult to believe that He takes care of everything.

I won a gold medal at the Olympics. Some said that the excitement, the joy that should have appeared at that time did not appear, or that I did not show up. Many people thought that I was practicing yoga and that is why I kept my emotions in check.

But in fact I do not know yoga. Known shooting practice. It is like practicing yoga if you practice focusing on what you believe or have learned. All the benefits that come with yoga are combined.

I have faced ups and downs in life. I also had bitter experiences in sports. These are encountered by everyone. Among them, players are more likely to encounter more. Winning every time may not be ours. You need to learn a lesson from defeat and practice better and win back.

To live in reality. Do not float in unnecessary bags. This is what I believe. The same theory applies to others. I have embraced all the hardships and victories and achieved a state of mind that overcomes. That is why I believe that all I have received so far is my hard work, with the support of my parents. My desire is to inspire Indian players to work hard to win.

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