60 money-saving challenges to try in 2022

money-saving challenges: This is an awesome list of productive things to do on your day off, when you’re bored, any time of the day or night, summer or winter, all without spending a fortune. You won’t be bored when you have inspiration for these ideas and projects at home instead of on TV, there are so many things you can do. Financial Advice Tips (money-saving challenges) when You Don’t Have Money.

60 money-saving challenges to try in 2022

start a money-saving challenge

Unsubscribe your email

Organize your online presence

Backup your computer

Sell your stuff

Become a delivery person

Rent out your home

Create a no-spend challenge

Have a bill lowering the session

Creative your budget

Choose a savings goal

Plan your retirement income

Track last month’s spending

Organize your documents

Take an Online course

organize your laptop

Rent out your driveway

Organize a yard sale

Write an a ebook

Research money-making apps

Do your laundry

Do some cleaning

Meal prep for next week

Prep tomorrows clothes

Create an emergency kit

Create a first aid kit

Organize your closet

Clean your fridge

Organize your junk drawer

Polish your jewelry

Weed your garden

Shine your silver

Sow some flower seeds

Finish an unfinished project

Make your own soap

Declutter one room

Rearrange your furniture

Sew on a missing button

Create a favorite recipes folder

Try out a new recipe

Plan your next vacation

Learn something new

Research fitness videos

Train your brain

Have a power nap

turn up the music and dance

Go for a bike ride

Practice mindfulness


Learn another language

contact a distant relative

Write a letter to yourself

Help out an elderly neighbor

Take a break from social media

Talk to your child

Back for your co-workers

Create a bucket list

Watch a TED talk

Join a book club

Start a journal

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