30-Day Self Improvement Challenge

Self-Improvement Challenge: You’ve heard enough self-improvement (challenge) hacks before. But both self-improvement and personal development are lifestyles rather than tips to follow. So how do you take on the challenge of trying to implement a life improvement using the Self-help tips provided? It will not only help you increase your productivity but also make you a better person overall.

30-Day Self Improvement Challenge

Day 1: Spend 10 minutes planning your day

Day 2: Put your phone on DND for 2 hours

Day 3: Use the 2-minute rule on every occasion

Day 4: Be on time for every commitment today

Day 5: Count how many times you start a sentence with No, But, However

Day 6: Do not snooze

Day 7: Do not check emails first

Day 8: Generate 5 random ideas

Day 9: Practice listening with full attention

Day 10: Clean and organize something messy

Day 11: Smile more than you usually do

Day 12: List down 5 things you enjoy

Day 13: Read 10 pages of any book

Day 14: List 3 ways you waste time and think about how can you reduce it

Day 15: work without distraction for 90 minutes

Day 16: Write down 3 or more achievements for the day

Day 17: Write down 3 or more mistakes you did today

Day 18: spend 30 min thinking

Day 19: Reward yourself for a task well done

Day 20: No blaming

Day 21: Write a summary of your day

Day 22: Do what you fear or are uncomfortable about

Day 23: warm-up and stretch for 5 min after you wake up

Day 24: Do not stick to your opinion, keep an open mind

Day 25: List down 3 of your flaws and plan how can you improve them

30-Day Self Improvement Challenge

Day 26: List down 3 of your strengths and plan how can you better them

Day 27: Be more mindful and observant

Day 28: Talk to a stranger

Day 29: No sugar

Day 30: List 10 things you’re grateful for

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